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Remote control.



It could be great to be able to remote control my computer Spotify app from the Spotify mobile device app. (iPhone un my case)

Now that Connect has officially been announced and started rolling out, I'll mark this as implemented.


I would love for there to be an option for a Mobile Remote App to control Spotify running on your computer, even if it was just for Premium customers (as I have been since July I think). I love running Spotify on my iphone and on my computer, but I really really want to be able to lay in bed and control Spotify on my computer with my phone, call me lazy, I don't care, lazy is the name of the game now.


p.s. i know this is more or less why you would get sonos and do all that jazz, but lets cut out the middle man for something this simple


p.s.s. i work as an installer for a local electronics store that sells sonos, and i think its great, but this option just seems like it makes sense, i'd never use the "Remote" app for itunes again.


There are actually several applications that do that already available.  Check out the list of them here: .


Just seconding the suggestion of third-party apps. I've used Remoteless with an iPhone controlling a Win7 machine without problems.


I want use use my pc or mac to control the spotify on my iphone or itouch. or the opposite. When I listening to the spotify using my iphone on a dock system, I am far away from the iphone but close to my computer. so it's better that I can control the mobile app using my computer...I know airplay could do it in a different way, but the sound quality actually will reduce a lot. then I will lose spotify's best sound quality....

I am not sure if it is clear....


There are already apps that do this that exist:


I agree but I'd like it to be built-in.

We don't want to follow the external version, download, install and stuff.

Lot of people seem to complain about this external app 😕

Remoteless seems ok, would be great to have an option to queue though, and surely Spotify want to be in this space themselves to ensure a good quality app.


Happy for this to be a premium feature and in the existing iPhone (and hopefully upcoming iPad) app, would be an alternative that would work nicely for sound systems not linked to AirPlay.


It would also be cool if you could control your IOS app from your computer so that I can change songs playing on my iPhone dock while working on my computer. This would save me almost 5 seconds of walking across my room... 🙂


Come on~~


I was just going to post an idea like yours. Why not let the mobile  spotify client (android phone etc) act as a remote in case you already are playing using your account on your computer and/or other setup.


Something like:

 1. Start spotify on mobile

      1.1 If playing on other setup, e.g. computer

           1.1.1 Display dialog: would you like to remote control you current session? <yes/no>

            1.1.1 Yes - present the normal spotify UI but send commands/selection via spotify-server to currently   playing client.

             1.1.1 No - Stop playing current session, and start playing on mobile, i.e. the way it works today.


A solution like this would mean you don't have to connect the mobile-unit using wifi to the same local network as the currently playing setup is connected, i.e. because the commands are routed via spotify servers, and could be sent using e.g. 3G. And you will not need any separate server running on each unit you would like to control as it's built into the normal client.