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[Samsung] Connect for Samsung TV

I'm so disappointed with the quality of the Spotify app for Samsung TV and Roku devices. Clunky doesn't even begin to describe it. Yet, with YouTube I can seamlessly stream any video from my Android phone to either device in seconds and by simply clicking a cast button in the upper right hand corner. I'd really appreciate it if Spotify would upgrade to include the same kind of connectivity with these devices. I simply can't understand why this feature does not already exist. Because it doesn't, I'm considering whether I should cancel my subscriptiona and find another service that does what I want.



Updated on 2018-10-05

Hey folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community!


We can confirm that we support Connect on Samsung Tizen TVs, so we'll update this Idea's status!

> Make sure your Samsung Smart TV (2015 and later models) and your Spotify device are on the same Wi-Fi network.

> Go to Samsung Apps on the TV's home screen.

> Search for Spotify - install and open!

For more info, check out:

Many thanks.


One of the main reasons to add this kind of support is for pure usuability.


The samsung app although good enough for playing lacks the excellent UI and usuabilty that the mobile or desktop version have. 


Searching using the virtual keyboard is cumbersome and having this feature also lets me do everything from my remote device, without needing the tv remote. 


Please add

Plz add this one

PLease add it ,dam it



Ridicullous! I have subscribed to premium only because of Samsung Smart TV Spotify app. I have made a huge mistake!


Not only does not Spotify Connect work AT ALL! The app itself is miserable. Spotify changed the way of marking liked songs from Starred to Your Music for more then a 1 and 1/2 year ago but App has no support for it... Come on!(To overcome this, you have to manually create playlist and add it all there. This means btw you have to further update it manually too)


Btw if you have troubles developing it, just contact me, I am a developer myself 😉


it Sucks .....!!!!   Spotify on my Samsung Smart TV  ...   why does n t it bring any solution ..?   ?? ??  



Need this in my tv! I upgraded my account to premium and my first media device is my Samsung smart tv.


We want that Please!

Need this. The misses is constantly complaining about how poor it is and it's doing my head in. A fix for this would be much appreciated!
Status changed to: Not Right Now
Updated: 2016-03-07

 Hey everyone! For now we're marking this idea as 'Not Right Now' but of course we'll keep an eye on this as it continues to gain kudos. If this is a feature you'd like to see please show your support here. 

Also, please note we now support Chromecast with Spotify so you can cast your music to your TV easily.