[Samsung Gear] Offline Music


I am wondering when offline playlists will become available on the Samsung gear s3 classic and frontier models that dont have LTE/3g connection?

It seems to me as an important feature on this model as it makes you less attached to your phone.


Thank you


Updated on 2021-01-12

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We're marking this as implemented, as multiple Samsung wearables now support offline music - There's some more info on our support page here.


Happy listening 🎶


Any updates if this has rolled out?  

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As of April 10, 2017, this issue has not been resolved.

Agree, we need offline playlist !!!!


Very upset about this. My idea was using S3 for running and the thought of having just watch, no player needed, was great. Very sad and upset when foun out, that Gear S3 is good looking, probably good hardware, but all the software things are lacking here and there somehingmaking it just usless and making me upset.

The unability of offline mode in Spotify is one of them, the most important one. All app sucks, sorry guys. It is not fully functioning in offline mode niether. I can not control my Heos device through it, it say "this is not supported and "that is not supported".

The biggest thing is offline mode, without that Gear is useless for music at all. Who wants to copy one by one mp3 music to Gear S3?? Shame on you Spotify and Samsung for making otherwise two great products not working together as exepcted and not correcting it after so many people requested this function!

Very Dissapointed!

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Is there any other music streaming app that do this? 

Google Play Music subscription offers offline listening for playlists
without an internet connection. Too bad because someone sent me a message a
while back saying that they had heard that Spotify was working on it to be
available in April. Well April is gone and it's still not available unless
someone knows something that I don't...???
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As per usual, Spotify has released a half-finished product on Samsung's Tizen. The app is a glorified pause/play button without offline playback. So pointless. Not to mention it doesn't even work half the time. 

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Can they do it for the S2


As a spolify user and also own gear s3, I really hope this could happen on my gear S3 and take it to running outdoor without my phone. Please add this feature as must be.


Please make it happen, the offline mode is absolutely a necessary feature on Gear S3!