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[Search] Bring back Advanced Search

Up until recently, users were able to refine their search by using advanced options which are, sadly, no longer available.

I'm a musicologist, and small features such as being able to search by record label are quite important for me, as it should be for anyone who is not just a passive consumer of music! If you also believe that we need this feature back, support this thread.

Updated on 2018-09-24

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.


We're happy to confirm that Advanced Search is now available on Mobile and Desktop. 

For example, searching by 'year:', or 'label:'.


All the best,





Hate to see it removed.


Everything worked as expected, so I'm not sure why it was removed? Did something internally change? From my understanding, Advanced Search was just turned off. Therefore, it should be a simple switch to turn it on.


I would love to get an engineer's perspective or someone who has an understanding of why this was turned off with no notification or explanation.




Seriously guys, why? As said it was a seamless and beloved feature.

Please, bring it back as soon as possible.





Bring this back or at least give us another way to explore labels !


Why was this taken out?


It's such an evidence that I don't understand why it needs to beg to get such a feature.


Any serious and professional softare working with datas, offers the ability to have advanced Research.


That's a big commercial mistake to think people don't need that.  As said in the idea, real music lovers are not passive consumers. They build collections, they research by years, by labels, etc... They even could be able to research by producer, collaborators of the artists etc...


A real music lover is able to spend hours in a records store  expecting to find the rare pearl.


On a streaming service a real music lover should have the possibility to build its own way to listen music by spending hours searching.


A passive music consumer is waiting to receive what a service will give to him, and it's rarely rare pearls !


Let the music addict by the side is the worst thing a service like Spotify can do and the best way to lose users.


So bring back advanced search.


It seems like Spotify care more about blasting Drake's **bleep** everywhere on their platform rather than giving us a feature that they just removed.


Yeah, I'm not sure why we should be asking back what is our right as users. Needless to mention there are some of us who pay for Premium.

Updated on 2018-07-01

Hey there @realityfantasy, help's arrived.


I've gone ahead and marked your idea as a new idea - thanks for bringing it to the Spotify Community Ideas Exchange 🙂






Thanks, but, this isn't really a new idea. It still seems to work in older versions of some Spotify clients.


It would be nice to know — from anyone, whoever made the decision — why this was even removed from new updates.