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[Search] Bring back Advanced Search

Up until recently, users were able to refine their search by using advanced options which are, sadly, no longer available.

I'm a musicologist, and small features such as being able to search by record label are quite important for me, as it should be for anyone who is not just a passive consumer of music! If you also believe that we need this feature back, support this thread.

Updated on 2018-09-24

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.


We're happy to confirm that Advanced Search is now available on Mobile and Desktop. 

For example, searching by 'year:', or 'label:'.


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fix this now asshats


It’s enough to make me start investigating other streaming options.


I assume it’s been done for commercial reasons.


Please bring it back!


I hope they would add personal playlists search for android platform, because seems they dont want to add the option to add the feature to sort our playlists alphabeticaly.


unfortunately it takes a "new idea" to restore a functionality essential to exploring the catalog of 18 hundred billion quintilion offerings you like to advertise

I mean there is not even any semblance of effort to track and spotlight new releases.  This is utter**bleep**.!!!!


Absolutely terrible development. "Streamlining" to render this thing unuseable, if you're not interested in the menu of the day. What all this data for then, if you can't access it reasonably? Pseudo-diversity.


If this isn't fixed, why pay? This is a blow to the face of all users.


I also never understood why this feature was kept in the mysticism of boolean algebra and 'advanced' queries in the first place - should be the easiest thing for anybody (to know how) to explore and discover the things to their liking. This feature should be improved, extended and highly publicized --- bad joke.


Bring it back!


Is there a reason why you wouldn't alert users before depricating a piece of functionality? I can't imagine you would just remove/change functionality from your API, without communicating to developers first, so I can't understand why you wouldn't communicate to end users when you're removing or changing some functionality?


Bring it back please!

Why Spotify have to take this away?


+1! This has been such an incredible function, please please please bring it back!!!!