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[Social] Add Display Name Option for User Account

I understand that Spotify won't allow you to change the username as it is used in internal stuffs of Spotify, but how about adding a Display Name field to user's account settings that by default is the same as username and it's not used for anything else but to search the user and display it's name. That way, the user users can change it as they like ?

Updated on 2020-03-12


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea.

You can now add or change your display name!
A display name replaces the username where it shows on your profile, app, playlists, and Friend Activity.
There's more on this here, and here.


This is really important. I assumed it was possible to change and just chose a random name when I signed in, and now I realized I am stuck with it 😞


This is also very important for me, as I would like my real name to be displayed on Spotify (so the people who know me can regognise and look me up) without being forced to link my facebook account.


Please implement this !


We've been asking for 4 years. Any time now.


 Legit, just want to change my current display name, (since the username can't be changed).


My Spotify account is pulling in my name in Chinese. Not sure from where. The only account it's connected to is my Facebook, and that has my name in English. How can I change this?


The app is great, but this detail about the name still bothers me. As I've connected the Facebook account to Spotify account, my profile name was imported. But when I disconnected the social media account, my profile name became a bunch of numbers, which I imagine that is some kind of ID for the database. Fix this would be cool.


Hope it goes through.


That is a logical solution easy to implement. Really easy, in fact.


This would be an agreeable solution since Spotify has no intention of ever giving the user the ability to change their account name! Please, oh please make this happen. (Although I see this solution being as much work as giving the ability to change the name on the account. I believe alot of functionality would have to be added/changed to reference this display name now instead of the account name.)


To my understanding there are already two fields: username and displayname. Spotify started about one year ago to auto generate the usernames wich has a lot of benefits for security and duplicate prevention etc. However if you register a new account, you can define a display name. The bad part is, that you only can define it when registering, and never change it afterwards. I just chatted with the spotify support, and even they have no means to change the display name.


But since the field seems to be there already and is not use in any kind as an id or similar, it should be possible and even not that complicated to implement the option to change it. This would be a very nice feature!