[Social] Block Followers

I believe there should be a way to block people that are following you on Spotify. When blocked, the user will automatically unfollow you and will not be able to find you, or view your public playlists.


Blocking should be possible via both username and email address.



Updated on 2021-11-16

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We’re pleased to confirm that all users now have the option to block another user on Spotify. With this update, you can actively block another user across desktop and mobile devices, preventing them from being able to see listening activity, public playlists, or view profile pages.


Here’s how it works:

  • When visiting another user’s profile, click on the   (...) button.
  • Select “Block” (or “Block User” on mobile) to block the user whose profile you are viewing.
  • This user will now be blocked and cannot access your page, public playlists or view your listening activity.
  • To unblock a user, click the Unblock option in the same menu.

We're always working hard to provide the best possible Spotify experience in a safe environment.

Please see here for more information.


I'm watching this discussion (and others about related topics before) since a longer time, cause I really wish to remove some people who damaged my life but still following me on Spotify - even after removing them from my Facebook friend list and every other platform. Please Spotify, fix this bug and allow us to choose our followers. Thank you!


Spotify is way off here. Not being sure if it is a music portal, or social portal, it tries in a failed way to combine those.

It is agains all common privacy sense to allow anyone to follow you. I want my spotify private, i am not 13 anymore,  I dont want to share all i do with "friends". Even people i dont know can follow me. Even though my playlists are private, and im not publishing anything, followers can see followers. 


Spotify, please take privacy issues seriously. I pay for this product, let me choose myself if i want a socialmusic-toy or serious musicplayer that is mine.

Status: Watch this space


Thanks for the kudos everyone. I'm pleased to let you know that we plan to enable a feature which will let users disallow a single user from following you in the near future. We'll let you know as soon as this feature becomes available.




^Over 8 months ago, this has gone far past the point of ridiculous. I will not remain premium much longer if this issue is not addressed.

Why is taking so long this (basic) feature?


@Rorey more than 6 months has passed since your update... Is there another we can have?

@Liam I'll ask the team for an update and get back to this thread shortly.



Still waiting on an answer to this problem...I pay for this service, I should be able to to remove followers!

Spotify really doesn't seem to give a shhh about their users' (costumers!) safety and feelings.

Still waiting on an update regarding this feature, meanwhile...I just had to get a restraining order against an ex who was harrassing me extensively online, including sending offensive songs/messages via Spotify ad nauseum to the point that I had to delete my account and start a new one (per the instructions of the Spotify support team). He then found the new account within a day and resumed sending offensive content, which I can't delete since there's not an option to delete messages. Let's be clear, if you offer people a way to interact and send music and notes to one another as well as the option to follow/be followed by others, your service IS a social network and should come equipped with the basic tools to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. 


What's the story on when the block feature will be implemented?

Obviously Rorey's definition of shortly is very similar to Spotify's definition of the near future. There seems to be a company wide misunderstanding of time scale as it applies to the english language.