Subscribe to Artists

I know for a fact that myself and a lot of people I know would love a feature that lets you subscribe to an artist or a group, immediately letting one know when a new album/track has been released.


We're happy to announce that you are able now to follow artists in Spotify!

Just go to an artist's page in Spotify and click "follow" under the artists name at the top of the page. You'll receive a notification update in Spotify when tracks are added to the artists profile.

Read more about it here:



I have notifications turned on, but am not receiving them for new music from artists.

For example, I’m following Beach House and CHVRCHES, and I have not been notified even once for each of their 4 newest singles or the new Beach House album.

Would like to see this fixed, as it’s evidently been an issue for a while, and it bothers both me and my friends.

Thats great .... Does my follow show up here?

When will this feature come back to Spotify?

I used to recevie inbox message notifying me any new release from my subscribed artist.


Love this idea! Follow this artist for some cool music