[Subscription] Student Discount iDeal Payment for the Netherlands

Hello Spotify,

Students in the Netherlands mostly pay with iDEAL, we don't have a CC. It is possible to pay with iDEAL for a regular premium subscription but not for the 'student discount subscription'. Can iDEAL be added as payment option?

Thank you,
Students from the Netherlands 





UPDATE: We have reached 100 votes! Thank you all! But we aren't there yet. I want iDEAL, we want iDEAL! Share this idea and let your friends/family/neighbors vote!


UPDATE2: Apperently a Spotify Community Manager made a mistake by updating this idea to 'Not Right Now'. I'm trying to get in contact with 





Updated on 2018-07-27

Hey folks! 

We appreciate you sharing your feedback on this idea in the Community.

We're happy to announce that it's now possible to pay via iDEAL in the Netherlands, for the student discount.

If you're eligible for the discount, it just became even easier to get rocking!



Hi everyone! It's been about 6 months, any news on this? 



One Poor Dutch Student (of many)


This is really ridiculous. iDeal is already a payment option on Spotify in the Netherlands. It seems Spotify does not want to give a discount to students. Students in the Netherlands don't have credit cards! So if you don't want to offer students a discount, why is it still on the website?


The last status update was on the 18th may 2017, still I'm not able to use my student discount with I-Deal.... spotify can you give a update about this subject? 

I would like to use the discount with i-deal. Or an other option for example with the giftcard?  Like most of the students I don't have a credit card.


We can also call Tim Hofman and solve this problem in the #BOOS way

Hahaha I was thinking about that too

Over 500 votes now!

Dear people at Spotify as you all know students in the Netherlands DON'T HAVE CC!!

How many votes do we need in order to finally make use of premium? 

And please give us an update about the status!


I wanted to take advantage of the student discount for my high school student but once I canceled it accidentally I realized that the discount was special to only university students I got my money spotify money but did not pay it and did not give a premium please help


Spotify is f*ck*n **bleep**! We (students) can't buy with IDeal. Bye Spotify! I've made ma steps to Google Play Music®


I thought it was just my computer being weird.. I want to pay with iDeal!


Crazy that this is not available for students. Why not make iDeal or Paypal available? It seems that German students DO have access to the PayPal payment for studentdiscount? Why can't we Dutch Students have access to this payment method?