User Notifications

  • When somebody subscribes to your playlist
  • When somebody "follows' you or adds you as a favorite
  • ability to interact with users via their Profile page

You done a great job of launching apps (looking foward to more!) but its still tough to really communicate with other Spotify users.


and a big one re: Music


  • Notification when an artist in your library has new material added to Spotify


I'm happy as a clam to announce that we're currently in the process of rolling out a new version of Spotify which contains the notifications requested here. With Spotify, you'll receive a notification when somebody subscribes to your playlist, when somebody "follows" you, or when an artist you "follow" adds new music to Spotify.


Thanks for voting! We hope you enjoy the music.


I opened up Spotify a few days ago to notice an album I like a lot is no longer available. Is there a way where I can be notified when starred songs are removed from my library? If not, I think there should be. I'd like to be able to contact the artist of record company and let them know that their songs are being missed.



Great idea. Especially "Notification when an artist in your library has new material added to Spotify"


"When somebody subscribes to your playlist" - It's a great idea but only as an option... I have 10000 subscribers on one of my playlists and I would be flooded with notifications.

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Maybe the notifications only should be pushed for about the first 10 new subscriptions per day etc. 

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Good idea.


A notification in advance of song is removed from the library with option to buy it. That would solve my aggravating moments. 🙂


Hi guys, would it be possible to setup notifications based on new additions to a genre instead of just an artist?


Users select genre's of interest to them, and opt-in to receive a monthly digest email of new music added to spofity within the selected criteria?




This is great, but is it possible to turn them off? Thanks


@daveraleigh wrote:
  • When somebody subscribes to your playlist

Hey everyone! Our latest desktop application includes some new and exciting features similar to the ones suggested here.  


The new app gives you a notification when: 


- Someone subscribes to one of your playlist

- Tracks are added to a playlist you subscribe to


For more info on this update check out our blog post here


Spotify should ease the hustle of following artists and their new releases, collaborations, etc. In this day and age you are no longer aware of just 50 bands within a specific genre (think before 00's and limited media), but of hundreds of producers, tastemakers, DJs, vocalists, musicians, labels and bands across a variety of genres.


Much like online DJ/mp3 shops notify you when new material is available from artists and labels. That feature alone is great support for me as a music lover.


Keep up the great work!


p.s. the spell check reads the word "Spotify" as a spelling mistake 😉