Gapless Playback

Many albums that are released are meant to be gapless between songs. It's also something useful for concert recordings and other split music and media that is played through Spotify. This is a very common feature that is used by the best music programs. 


Is anyone else interested in seeing this implemented soon?

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We've been flogging this dead horse over on the Get Satisfaction page for 2 years now. Spotify do a fantastic job of totally ignoring this request, despite it being the most requested feature by a HUGE margin.


Yes, please. It's doable on Sonos gear, so I can't understand why it can't be done with the Spotify client itself. Perhaps one of the mods or developers could explain what the problem is?

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Spotify, give up stringing us along. Tell us the truth, that you are never going to "implement this idea" (read: "fix this problem") and we can stop getting worked up about it.

Yes, please!
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Yes - it's really a long time past when this should have been implemented - or at least just talk to us about it!


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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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Agree. Would be an awesome update. 

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Yes, it's even worse if you know that the spotify API actually supports it.  Hardware players like the squeezebox, running spotify, are absolutely gapless.  It's just lazy client programming.




It could take us some time to rebuild that 1500+ votes that we had on Get Satisfaction for this... but we better start somewhere!!