Gapless Playback

Many albums that are released are meant to be gapless between songs. It's also something useful for concert recordings and other split music and media that is played through Spotify. This is a very common feature that is used by the best music programs. 


Is anyone else interested in seeing this implemented soon?

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Status changed to: Implemented
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Finally! Thank you!!!!

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> Status changed to: implemented


Smiley Surprised Now this I have to go check out!?

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We’re so pleased to announce the release of gapless playback and crossfade – coming soon with your next Spotify upgrade.


We’ve started rolling out the new release of Spotify today. As soon as we’re ready to update your account, Spotify will ask you to restart.


If you just can’t wait to get your hands on all these amazing new features, help yourself to this preview version (Mac - Win).  


For more information on the new release, take a look at the Blog post on this topic.  


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Excellent, just testing it out with some prog. Will this be implemented on mobile platforms too?

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Don't want to sound ungrateful, but it's only half implemented if it's not available on mobile (iOS, Android etc.).
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Smashing. It's been insultingly long in coming (and ignoring), but thanks for implementing it.

Is it available on iOS yet? I stopped subscribing some time ago when I realised there was no way to get rid of the gaps, but I don't really want to start again and find it's not fixed.


Loving that you're still presenting this as a 'feature' you've given us!

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Correction: We are pleased to announce that, after a long wait (and innummerable complaints), gapless playback and crossfade have finally been half-implemented.

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Finally something is happening here. Good job, Spotify! Now I'm just waiting for it to be implemented on mobile platforms and in the Linux version. But I like that you finally seems to listen to your customer requests.
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As usual, I don't have a timeline to offer, but I'm pretty sure that both gapless and crossfade will be available across all platforms.