Gapless Playback

Many albums that are released are meant to be gapless between songs. It's also something useful for concert recordings and other split music and media that is played through Spotify. This is a very common feature that is used by the best music programs. 


Is anyone else interested in seeing this implemented soon?

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Just saw your previous reply about mobile devices - sorry for the double query.

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Good news that it's in the new version

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very good feature! Now it is necessary to simplify the use of these features place a buttonin the application to access Gapless and Crossfade playback. so it is not necessary to enter by the preferences of the application, there are many steps for something sosimple. regards


Thanks for finally adding this.  Now if we can just get it on the mobile apps also 😉

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Listening to King Creosote & Jon Hopkins weird and wonderful Diamond Mine and the gapless playback captures all the nuance this album never had before - many, many thanks! :0)


King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine

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Listening today Nylon Beat's Live-album and I like gapless. Like I was at the concert.

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Thanks spotify, just what was needed. I'll stop looking for an alternative now.
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Apparently gapless playback has some limitations (apart from only working on PC+Mac). It would appear from this post on Twitter that it does not work on local files...!/arrelid/status/172659054177554434


It would have been nice if Spotify had been upfront about this here, and in their blog post.


Disappointing, but it's a step in the right direction I guess.  There is some more info on why it is not implemented (...yet?) for local files here:


Can this thread now be locked pleased? A zillion thanks isn't much use and each reply just sticks older threads further down the list.


Thanks for the update btw. Gapless doesn't interest me (a work Android app and tablet support does) but thanks anyway.