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Many albums that are released are meant to be gapless between songs. It's also something useful for concert recordings and other split music and media that is played through Spotify. This is a very common feature that is used by the best music programs. 


Is anyone else interested in seeing this implemented soon?


Would indeed be nice when Spotify would add it to the program. There is another program available that can play gapless (Fidelify), however it is a bit buggy and has way less features.

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To add to the previous posters comment, Fidelify works quite well if you're wanting some gapless playback:

The few issues I have encountered can be overcome by runing as administrator.

There we go Spotify, it can't be that hard can it? 

I have had Spotify Premium for a year, and I do love it, especially the new 320k streaming on IOS, but the one thing that lets it down is the lack of gapless playback. Please introduce this soon Spotify.

It would be great if Spotify can support gapless playback since it does not.

With a premium account, I tested the following configuration:


1. Spotify client application on a Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel Xeon (audio playback to connected Harman/Kardon speaker set).

2. Linn Akurate DS media renderer (audio playback using Linn Songcast on the Mac).


In both cases, annoying gaps can be heard for almost every album.

Example album:



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There's already a post on this with a lot of input - best to keep everything in one place:


Spotify have responded with 'under consideration'


Can this thread be locked. Please search :-). It's best to continue in that thread.

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This would be a great feature. I have it on my Sonos set up but would love it on my mobile device.
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It can't be hard to implement and would make a huge difference to the quality of the service. Do it!


Would love gapless as well.  Rdio does it.

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Status changed to: Watch this space