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View queue on iPhone

I'm sure this is asked a lot, but it's a simple feature request I think! The ability to view your play queue on the iOS app. Perhaps implement it the same way that Sonos do, so you can add to play next or get an album to play and replace your entire queue, for example.


Hey folks! In our latest iOS release (1.4.0) you can view and control your Play Queue.

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I DJ a lot with my iPod and if I only had this feature, I wouldn't need anything more functional after that other than sorting playlist order on the fly.


this would be brilliant if we had this feature, or at least sync it with my computer to control my queue


Why is this not implemeted yet?

This is functionally that Rhapsody has has for 5 years. Would love to see you add this simple feature which would add huge value.

Come on Spotify developers. This is such a basic function that I find it hard to believe you're still dragging your feet. Be warned you could start losing paying customers if they find a new app/service that allows managing your play queue.  Just got iOS 7 of to check out their new streaming service. 


I just want to see what song is going to play next.  I can't tell by album art alone.  When I shuffle my playlist, I have no clue what song is going to play next. 


Slacker excels on this feature.  They show the artist and track under the album art when you take a sneak peak at what is going to play next when you slide the album art to the left.  At least with a premium subscription it works on Slacker.  That was one of the reasons of why I left Spotify for Slacker.  I can never tell what I'm going to hear next.  That's ok sometimes but sometimes I would like to know what is playing next in the shuffled queue.  I'm trying to give Spotify another chance.  I like the fast forward and rewind option in Spotify and Slacker does not offer that option.  There's other things that I like more about Slacker as well but Spotify gives me more control.

C'mon, there's room in the sidebar, why not add the queue access there. Even better, make it optional, let people edit what they want to keep in their sidebars. I for example never use the Discover, Inbox, etc functions.

+1 for this request.


Also, the ability to reorder the queue on the fly (drag tracks up and down) would be great!


I can only hope that this is taking longer then expected because Spotify wants to allow the queue to be also synced between desktop and mobile devices. Would be real cool if I can have my iPod in my pocket playing Spotify and queing up some songs now and then from on the desktop app while I work. 


Yeah I know I could just plug in my headphones to my desktop but I like to able to just get up and go somewhere else without stopping the music. Is there anywhere we can see which features are being worked on? Spotify your service is good, please make it better 🙂


I'm shocked that Spotify doesn't have this simple queue functionality for the mobile app.  I recently got a free 60-day trial for Spotify Premium, and I'm trying it out after being an Rdio subscriber for years.  Not being able to see your queue on the mobile app is really lame.  If it is there, it's not intuitive, and it should just be in the sidebar.  Rdio has had the queue functionality since day one, and this is something that would keep me from paying for Spotify Premium.  What's even more surprising is that Spotify subscribers have been asking for this feature for quite a while and still no results.