Way to prevent duplicates in playlists.

I have big playlists, and would like a built in way to prevent duplicates from occuring in my playlists.  This could be an option to prevent, or select/hide duplicates.

Update 2015-03-17


Hello everyone. Spotify here. With the latest release of the Desktop app, this feature is now available across Desktop, iOS and Android. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy!


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Add a checkbox in each album, "no duplicates in this album", thats goes though the album and deletes all duplicates. And also permently ignore any added tracks that already exists in the album.


Couldn't agree more!!!

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Why is this so heavily supported? Do you keep so large playlists that you start forgetting what music they actually contain?

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In my playlist 4,610 tracks. And more coming... So I need this option. I remember what I add before to my playlist, but sometimes I make mistakes. But now I always check my playlist (CTRL + F) before I add a song to a playlist.


It would be GREAT if Spotify gave the ability to "show duplicates" on our playlists.  When you combine playlists a person is bound to end up with dupes and it would be a lot easier.


Hey guys,


I would be awesome if you could prevent double entries in playlists by default.




Show the currently assigned playlists of a song in the result pages or album pages as an extra column.




Do both 😉


Thanks, great work so far!


This is really nice worked out in iTunes.

Just recognize the song is already in the playlist and ask if you really want to a duplicate entry.

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This shoulda been done for ages, come on, Spotify Staff!