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[Web Player] Spotify Connect for Web Player

Hi, I know this idea has been on here before but I think its a great idea to include the web app in Connect. Would help me alot with my servers at home etc. Anyone know if its under development?



Updated on 2018-06-16

Hey everyone,


since a while Spotify Connect is available as a Premium Feature for the Web Player. 🙂

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This is a re-post of this inactive idea.


Hi everyone,


Completely agree with this idea. Imagine a Raspberry PI, with a light setup, browser openend to Web player. Can be easily used as source for music. There is currently some solutions, but solely based on Spotify API, and only web based interface for controller (smartphone or other), and not the wonderful UI of spotify app.


Hope for something like this idea !




 Hi All,


I had exactly the same idea as zoz74! 


I've been waiting to be able to use my raspberry pi as a Spotify Connect Speaker.


Right now it's not possible because the the only the Windows Beta Client has Spotify Connect functionality and the Pi doesn't run Windows.

The Linux Beta doesn't have the Connect feature unfortunately 😞


Either upgrade the Linux Beta with the connect feature orrrrr put it in the Browser 🙂





As a web developer I can say this is technically impossible, you would give a website access to your local network, which is a very bad idea from a security point of view.


ArneDeruwe, it is not technically impossible. The playback is clearly controlled server-side. They simply haven't registered a webplayer instance as a controllable device. This has nothing to do with your local network.


Don't dismiss an idea as being impossible when you don't know the architecture supporting it.


Please implement this, I'm currently working on a home automation system which uses touch screens (not iPads), so app switching is out of the question. Embedding the web player with the possibility of Spotify Connect would enable me to add Spotify browsing and control directly to the panel. 


It would be nice to be able to select Spotify Connect devices in the browser player. Use case: using a chromecast with Spotify in the browser. Use Spotify connect to play music to a Firestick TV (or other connect enabled device).


We need this too: our home computer is a Chromebook, so we can only use spotify through the web player. Would be lovely if we could switch the music from our sofa using our cell phones and not having to get up every time :).

I would like to bump this again, and give it another +1. This would be awesome. I don't see why playing on one device doesn't make it show up on all of the others. That'd be awesome. 


Phone, web, desktop, etc should all control the account, and you just choose which speakers it plays out of. Since you can only do one account per device anyway, it should work. I love the connect feature, and it could be made even better.


This would definitely help me out.  I own a Chromebook.