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iDeal payment system for the Netherlands

Because a lot of Dutch people don't have a creditcard or doen't use PayPal.. I think it would be extremely usefull for spotify to add the 'iDeal' online payment system for users from the Netherlands! When this payment system is intergrated to pay for Spotify Premium etc, i think loads of Dutch people will get Spotify Premium! Smiley Happy


I am still waiting for this myself! Who's with me? Smiley Very Happy


We're happy to say this is now implemented for our users in the Netherlands. You can read more about iDEAL right here. Keep the feedback coming guys! 


We're trying to buy premium for 3 months (€0,99 per month) via IDeal but if we want to pay there's standing that we have to pay €9,99 instead of €0,99

Can you help us?


Thank you Spotify! Why can't we not pay with iDeal annymore????? Sinds December 2016?????



I'm using Premium for a couple of months. Payment should go through iDeal. But Spotify still hasn't collected. What to do? Keep using Premium for free?


 Same problem but now for students, kinda sloppy Spotify!


Ik wacht tot mijn premium afgelopen is en dan weer updaten, zo betaal je weer gewoon met iDeal.

Raar maar waar!???



Yes, that would be really cool, especially when an AD comes on! LOL!


The student version doesnt have an option to pay via Ideal yet..


Seems like iDEAL is possible for the normal spotify premium, but not for the student discount. As I do not have a credit card in the Netherlands but in Germany, but studying in a Dutch university, this means I can`t sign up for Student Premium..


It will be possible from now in to use iDeal for Student Discount 🙂