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iDeal payment system for the Netherlands

Because a lot of Dutch people don't have a creditcard or doen't use PayPal.. I think it would be extremely usefull for spotify to add the 'iDeal' online payment system for users from the Netherlands! When this payment system is intergrated to pay for Spotify Premium etc, i think loads of Dutch people will get Spotify Premium! Smiley Happy


I am still waiting for this myself! Who's with me? Smiley Very Happy


We're happy to say this is now implemented for our users in the Netherlands. You can read more about iDEAL right here. Keep the feedback coming guys! 


People living in the Netherlands have a big payment problem as we use a different type of online payment system called iDeal. I would love to pay for Spotify online but without iDeal i am unable to do so. It would be great if you could implement the iDeal system so we could all buy spotify songs online. Thanks, on behalf of The Netherlands 🙂


I'm also hoping for the iDeal payment option and this is pretty much why i'm not a spotify user at this moment 😕


I'm also waiting for this, if they support ideal payments they have a premium user more 😄


i agree!


paypal is terrible and in our country we don't use creditcards as much. i, for one, don't have one.

passing on the premium for now...


Spotify is missing a lot of coin from the Netherlands if they refuse to implement iDeal. I wont ever buy codes with my creditcard.




I have cancelled paypal after being hacked and much hassle.

Paypal is the worst PSP in history! Very customer unfriendly.

Since i dont have a CC i wont take Spotify Unlimited, its that simple.

Implementing ideal is easy, your PSP (globalcollect, whoever you use) already have the default tools for iDeal available, even Steam supports iDeal. Minimal effort for hundreds of dutch paying customers. As added bonus you dont pay transaction costs on iDeal as a company like with CC.


You guys hate money or something?



I would love to buy a subscription to Spotify because your service is great.


However, like the majority of dutch people I do not own a credit card, nor do I have PayPal (terrible service with fraud cases).


The main online payment method (also used by Steam/Valve, Blizzard, etc.) in the Netherlands is 'iDEAL'.


Is there any chance of me being able to purchase a subscription using iDEAL in the future?


Kind regards,


(PS: Yes I know the AH supposedly has gift cards, but I've been to 2 in my area who know nothing about this..)


This is exactly my thoughts. I want Spotify Premium and download music or stream it to my mobile phone, but due the requirement of a credit card its impossible for me. 


Please enable iDeal for Spotify.. Im pretty sure you will get a return on the investment. 


I'd buy Spotify instantly if they supported iDEAL as a payment option.


I think it would boost the income of spotify greatly if you guys did this.

Hope to see it added!