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[iOS][Android][Podcasts] Adding indivdual Podcasts to Playlists

The option to save, bookmark or add an individual podcast show to a playlist would be nice to have. I'm actually somewhat surprised that this functionality isn't available. 

Updated on 2019-09-06

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your votes to this idea.


It's now possible to add Podcasts to playlists on iOS and Android. Just head to a podcast, click the three dots on the episode you want and select 'Add to Playlist'. 




Thanks again!




The feature request asks for podcasts to be added to a playlist not episodes which is what has been implemented.


Podcasts on Spotify are useless to me and I'll keep using other apps until this feature is actually implemented.


As the OP said, I can't believe that this hasn't been implemented, one of the most important things of a podcast player besides actually playing podcasts...


I had a playlist full of podcasts and they have all been removed and I can no longer add them into my playlist? 


Hi there, this was working in May and it’s not working anymore, I had a playlist "Podcasts to listen" and I can’t add anything more (both Desktop & Android), what happened? Was it removed, why? 😞


Dear Spotify, you claim this is implemented, but I believe you misunderstood the request. We don't want to add individual podcast episodes to playlists, but individual PODCASTS to playlists. When a user is subscribed to 30+ podcasts, it is completely crazy to have it all in one big soup of podcasts with no possibility of organizing them by topic (ex. Psychology podcasts, Investigational podcasts, etc). It seems like a quick fix that would TREMENDOUSLY improve your podcasts user interface and the convenience of Spotify


Please see this related discussion:


Would be awesome to develop it to work in any platform and with collaborative playlists, as well.


So why not for desktop? 


I just added one podcast to a new playlist I created. When I tried adding more, I was not allowed and I can't add that same podcast to any other playlists now. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions? Do I need to upgrade to a newer version of Spotify or something?


This needs to be implemented for "Podcast Shows" too (as per the original suggestion) not just for individual "Podcast Episodes". 


Hi, this post was marked as a "similar idea" to this post ( However, you are not able to add news podcasts not listed in the pre-selected Daily Drive list to the Daily Drive podcast. ie. you cannot add the Fox News Radio Newcast to your Daily Drive. You can add it to your queue but it seems you should be able to add it the pool of podcasts in the Daily Drive list. Fox is just an example, I really like the Daily Drive feature but it would be even better if we could hear the news "from both sides" as they say. 



Is there a reason this can't also be done in the desktop app?