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[iOS][Android][Podcasts] Adding indivdual Podcasts to Playlists

The option to save, bookmark or add an individual podcast show to a playlist would be nice to have. I'm actually somewhat surprised that this functionality isn't available. 

Updated on 2019-09-06

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your votes to this idea.


It's now possible to add Podcasts to playlists on iOS and Android. Just head to a podcast, click the three dots on the episode you want and select 'Add to Playlist'. 




Thanks again!



Though I see this feature has been implemented for mobile devices, I'm still not seeing the option for PC... am I missing something?


what's about desktop??


it's hard to fathom this has not been implemented yet 😳why even make a difference between song tracks and podcasts with respect to playlist??


really, Spotify, get your stuff together. Your product design choices are consistently horrible


...meaning on desktop


This has still not been implemented on the Desktop version...please prioritize that!


And for those of you you want to see this on the Desktop version, make sure to +Vote the idea for them to implement this on the desktop version here


this completely missed the mark. an individual episode in a playlist is more or less worthless - its THE SHOW (as in the next or lateset episode) that we would want to add to a playlist!  You really think most of us want to be repeatedly listening to the same specific episode of a show enough to include it in "my daily work out" or**bleep**?  stupid.

I actually forgot about this post, and has been resolved I guess?
For me, who is kind of on the run all the time, it’s about saving podcast episodes that seems interesting for later. When they are finished, I remove them from the playlist.
Is there some other way to do that that I’m not aware of?