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[iOS][Android][Podcasts] Adding indivdual Podcasts to Playlists

The option to save, bookmark or add an individual podcast show to a playlist would be nice to have. I'm actually somewhat surprised that this functionality isn't available. 

Updated on 2019-09-06

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your votes to this idea.


It's now possible to add Podcasts to playlists on iOS and Android. Just head to a podcast, click the three dots on the episode you want and select 'Add to Playlist'. 




Thanks again!



I would  love this feature too! This would make a huge difference for usability: It would enable users to pick and categorise podcast episodes to listen to later, while browsing through not yet played podcasts.

I follow a number of different podcasts so when browsing not yet played podcasts and downloading interesting ones to listen to later it is a huge mess in "downloads". It would be awesome to create personal podcast playlists for example for different topics like "science", "politics"  ect.


Make it happen! 🙂


Bump this suggestion.. 👍


I've just bought a Samsung gear watch which has offline Spotify but no way of getting podcasts.  It would be great if you could add podcast playlists.




One year on, where are we with this? Podcasts are getting much better through Spotify now; getting more important every day that this is rolled out. 


It would be a great addition to be able to add seperate episodes to a playlist. This way I could listen to several podcasts while driving, without having to have a look at my phone anymore whilst driving.

I'm actually quite surprised this isn't possible yet.


Really miss this function atm.


Completely agreed and it looks like most people are aligned: we want it!


I would love to use Spotify as a pocast player and think it could do a better job than competitors with this feature alone: adding podcast episodes to playlists. You'll beat most podcast players, but you'll match iTunes. That we aren't matching iTunes is already a problem, but let's look on the positive side. Why do users care?


The core features of a podcast player are to store podcasts and to queue them into a list -- *lists* would be even better. What users get from this integration into Spotify is 

  1. filter out episodes you want
  2. sort them into categories of interest
  3. share the lists with other people

Both (2) and (3) are big hitters -- and they seem to come for free within most of the Spotify architecture. There are few ways besides iTunes / Apple Music to share lists of episodes. My podcast players suck at this and it's annoying. I'd use it immediately and would recommend it to others. 


Also, title suggestion: Adding Podcast Episodes to Playlists


Cheers guys


I have purchased a Mighty offline player. Please can the ability to add podcasts to a playlist be added, then podcasts can be downloaded to the Mighty.


I fully support this. It would also be nice to be able to listen to just one episode without it rolling on to the next (yes autoplay is disabled). Podcasts require different tools to music. Check other apps that are doing it well (Podcast Addict, etc.), that give you complete control over playback