[iOS][Android][Podcasts] Adding indivdual Podcasts to Playlists

The option to save, bookmark or add an individual podcast show to a playlist would be nice to have. I'm actually somewhat surprised that this functionality isn't available. 

Updated on 2019-09-06

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your votes to this idea.


It's now possible to add Podcasts to playlists on iOS and Android. Just head to a podcast, click the three dots on the episode you want and select 'Add to Playlist'. 




Thanks again!



Do you have any updates on this "Idea"?  


Or any plans to update/improve podcast support?  At the moment Spotify seems pretty far behind all podcast aggregators, and improvements like this might help!

Argh podcasts are useless without the ability to Save/Subscribe and with no concept of "Unplayed"


Please, I would love this! 


Please add the possibility to have the podcast in a Playlist  so I can listen my podcast on my Mighty! 


I only have Spotify to listen to podcasts while I run.. And turns out I can't even put them on my mighty! Please Spotify make it so podcasts can be added to playlists, it surely can't be that hard. 




Pls make it happen! Everytime I fall asleep while listening to podcasts they keep on going till I wake up and turn it of. With Playlist I could limit the amount of episodes. 


Trying to make an Uber playlist and would love to add Mike Rowe and other short podcasts in between each song. [Song][Interesting podcast][Song] etc


Bump! Please can this be done asap 🙂 xxx


How about audiobooks? Via audible etc...