[iOS][Other] Add an app widget for iOS 14

Update 10/14: Spotify just implemented widgets in their latest version! Thanks to developers and to the community for your upvotes 🙂
Now Spotify if you see this, please add time-synced lyrics functionality worldwide!



Make a good looking widget with for example recently played titles, media controls or most listened to playlists, that would be nice for the iOS 14 release

Example here with Apple Music widgets:



This second image is from Max McKinney on YouTube, you can check his concept video for ideas:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsEPEfEnXHk

Updated on 2020-10-15

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all the support and feedback you've given to this idea!


The Spotify widget should be now available on iOS devices running iOS 14.0




Why is this still under consideration?? Spotify is well behind other developers. 


Very cool idea!


I would like it to have an option to use the album art (or a chosen photo) as the background.




Seems crazy to me that this doesn’t already exist. What’s the delay? It’s the perfect use case and the widget I want the most


The right time to do it is today 


I would love to see Spotify in IOS shortcuts like Shazam music recognition shortcut

Who all are switching to apple one bundle? It seems Spotify is busy criticising apple for everything.


Spotify has added a widget in the last beta but it displays nothing for the moment.IMG_7724.png


The widget support is now rolling out to everyone.