[iOS] Siri Integration

Instead of Siri Integration in the way this post is requesting, Siri Shortcuts Support would be far more useful and beneficial to the users, and easier for Spotify to implement. Please vote for this idea instead:



Now that Apple has announced an API for developers to have access to Siri, it would great if Spotify supported it, as well as announcing Siri support in the update release notes instead of the worthless "We're always making changes and improvements to Spotify" messages, that make finding new features a guessing game. (Like support for 3D Touch.)


Updated on 2019-10-07

Spotify is now integrated into Siri on Apple iOS devices.


This eagerly awaited feature will let you control Spotify and play music, podcasts, and playlists using the power of your voice. Now you can listen to Disney Hits or an exclusive podcast like Set It Straight with Midland at work, home, on the commute, while exercising, or doing chores, all by saying the familiar “Hey Siri, play. . . ” to hear the audio you want. Just make sure to update your iPhone to iOS 13 – from there, remember to end each phrase with “on Spotify.”


The Siri integration is also available on our new and improved app for iPad.

I know. It's awful. I'm hoping with iOS 11 they release an API for music

Right now the only kind of apps that can use Siri are: ride booking /
messaging / photo / payments / VoIP Calling / Workouts

A bunch of new types of app options will come with iOS 11.

Have any of you tried the app Melody? It's actually a voice assistant built for Spotify. You can play songs, albums, playlists, etc. You might dig it – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/melody-voice-assistant-for/id1173368693


joewc440, Thanks for the heads up! Downloading Melody to try out right now...

Writing to this thread to add my support for Spotify Voice Commands when possible or supported by Siri.

Would make my loyalty to the app even easier. I take my phone everywhere with me, and it annoys me I can't voice command while driving. Trying to switch or toggle music with my fingers while driving is annoying.. and dangerous, too. We've all been warned already of the dangers of distracted driving.

Music + driving = so natural.

I already have my phone hooked up to my bluetooth speakers in my car. I would LOVE to talk to it.

"Launch Spotify"

"Play <playlist of my choosing>"



"Skip Track"

"Raise/Lower volume"
"Favorite Song" / "Add song to <playlist>"

I'll be super happy when this feature gets implemented. IMHO, it would be a STRONG contender in a world where active smartphone users (like me) carry their phones everywhere and are willing and ready to integrate them in improving everyday activities. Music + driving + voice commands = natural fit!!



I don't know how this is still not added yet. With my apple airpods and Apple watch I rely heavily on Siri and I'm considering switching to apple music as due the lack of the support coming from spotify to integration of these things. There's even a guy making a apple watch app for spotify as spotify themselves have failed to take up the task. 

I do agree and my family too are frustrated. Amazed this is being ignored in the big scheme of things, and brushed over.

I'm an app developer, and I've made an app that allows you to control Spotify with voice commands on Android devices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tmacstudios.spotifyvoice


I'm not on iOS devices right now, but I might be able to make it during the summer. If I release it, I'll let everyone know. It would be awesome if there was some way Spotify would let me integrate this into their software natively


Do this please


When you will start integrating your commands for siri ?


Will be there a Apple Watch App?


Unfortunately it may not be until July that I start development, and I need to look into whether it will be compatible on the apple watch


Here's an example of why I was hesitant to join Spotify. With Apple Music, if I'm on a run I can start listening to a podcast, then when I need an energy boost I can activate Siri and say "Play running playlist" - and Siri will know how to play it. Now I'm relying on Spotify for a lot of my music and I can't find a way to switch playlists hands free. 


Please add this functionality or let us know why it's not possible! It would make Spotify so much better!