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iPad app

We want a ipad app! 🙂


Indeed! The iPhone app looks cheap on the iPad!


Is there any news on a dedicated iPad app?


I'm beginning to think it will never happen, such a missed opportunity!


Someone's already beaten you to it for creating an ideas post for an iPad Application, I'm afraid. You can find it right here! We've got a nice little search at the top too, if you want to see if people have posted ideas in the past.


I have seen it said many times (over the course of at least a year now) that an iPad specific Spotify app is in development, but it would be really nice to hear just how close we are to one.


Please Spotify don't underestimate how important this is to many of your loyal paying subscribers.


Agreed 100%. 


It can't take this long to get one out.  What's the holdup?




We've already got a couple of posts in the "Ideas" board relating to an iPad application. We've got a search function at the top of the page to see if people have posted such topics before. 


sigh !!!! Woman Frustrated


Yep, if no iPad app is in sight by March then im downgrading to unlimited again... Such a shame!


couldnt agree more, cant see why one hasnt been released yet. sick of using the zoomed in version!!!


It's about time!! I can't believe it's not out yet. Especially, I bet Spotify Premium users have more chance of owning an iPad than with any other app. One reason more to build it, what are you waiting for!!!