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[All Platforms] Add visuals (or upload) for desktop and TV

I think it would be awesome to add a visuals feature, for Desktop and TV players (Roku). Some times I just don't want to see the menu while I'm listening  music, to delve into the full experience of what you want to hear, visuals reenforce it and if you have the chance to customize what you watch while listing to music, it only amplifies the experience, a whole no perspective of audiovisuals. 

With an "on and off " button if the listener wants to use it or not.

Updated on 2022-01-10

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Good luck... I don't know what Spotifys deal is but it seems, to me at
least, that they don't give a rat's rear about their paying subscribers
wishes. They only care about getting more paying subscribers. Unless you
can come up with either a new idea, probably one that will be profitable
for them, that will be popular enough, or figure out a way to make an
existing idea appealing enough, to get who knows how many millions of
"kudos" I'm afraid you're going to be SOL. I have both asked for things
myself and chimed in on conversations started by others. Things that are
pretty standard with most other music services and would be quite useful
and simple to add, including this idea as well as some others, even asking
for a feature that was once included in their player but has been removed
for some odd reason and all of them, however good they are, have been met
with the same stupid response. Something to the effect of; We're sorry but
after reviewing this idea, it has been closed because it didn't receive
enough kudos from other members of the community in order to move forward
with. But then somebody comes up with the idea to add Spotify servers in
order to let people in Afghanistan listen to Spotify and you'd think Jesus
showed up in church!. I'm sure there are many people there that would like
to use Spotify but how many are going to actually sign up fpr the premium
paid subscription? Apparently they think a lot because they are moving
forward with that stupid idea but forget about balance control or
visualizations, nobody needs that stuff!

I would love to have the option to have a visualizer when using my tv app. You know those crazy moving graphics that would react to the music. Very nostalgic. 

I miss the media player I used as a teenager on my pc. I have told my friends about this idea they'd love to see it too. 


I agree with the other recent comments, a visualizer is a basic, easy to implement, critical feature. It is particularly crucial for desktop players, casting to TVs or TV apps so as to set the right mood and not damage the screen. Now that I'm more frequently listening to music in this way I am definitely looking to switch services should this feature not become available. Spotify could easily retain premium users by taking our reasonable requests seriously.


Any progress on this visualizer idea for the TV and Computer?


I'd love to see this feature get implemented! 


For TV version spotify:
- visual equalizers "visualizers" (some cool moving effect when music plays) it would enhance the experience of listening to music on TV, still image of album is boring.


I so much want to have this on TV app. So many votes..we all want this, please spotify 😉


2023 now - nearly 2024, any movement on this @Peter @Jacob? Would love this as I'm allowed to install Spotify on the work computer but not an external visualiser.


Hey guys I've made a crazy visualizer for Spotify : MilkDrop3 :


Keep this ball rolling!! A visualizer would be an amazing addition to Spotify!! @Peter @Jacob


Milkdrop!  I miss it.  I would pay for  it on Spotify!