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[All Platforms][Playlists] Recover Playlists From Since the Account Opened

I used to be able to access all of my deleted playlists through the "Recover Playlist" page and now I can only see them if they've been deleted within the past 30 days. I was recently looking for a playlist that I had had for three years and had deleted a year ago but I wanted to get back into. With the option to get it back, I have lost it forever and that honestly sucks. I say all playlists should show up in the recover playlist page with the option to delete them forever if you want.

Updated on 2021-06-15

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Updated on 2020-10-10

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You can also check out this related idea, if you'd like to vote for a playlist archive too.




The idea of having Spotify's "Recover playlists" feature is very good, however, I find that the feature's limitation of only showing playlists that have been deleted within the last 90 days renders the feature near useless. If I want to take a trip down and see what my playlist looked like in 2017, or even just a few months ago, I cannot do so since the playlists are long gone. I think that the feature should stretch to all time. I do not see how it could not be doable, considering they are not specifically taking up space, nor are they technically in our libraries at that point. While it is not a necessity to have this feature perfect, I find that it would do some good to improve it. It is a cool feature that is rendered uncool by having such a large limitation.


To whom it may concern:

I have an idea of how to make Spotify better. Please allow users to recover old playlists that have been deleted over 90 days ago. This feature used to be accessible to users, but it has since been changed to only more recent playlists (90 days old or newer). I believe that making this change would greatly improve many user's experience.

Please contact me if you decide to implement this feature into your app.



Recently i was also looking from some old playlist and found they were not available when i tried to recover them. This type of archive as always been one of my favorite Spotify features, and it's really sad to see its been discarded.


I think this is a fantastic idea!! Nostalgia is super relevant for a lot of music listeners especially during covid times. I would love to see how my music taste has developed over the course of my account (which goes all the way back to elementary school!!) and I know a lot of other people would like that too! I really think this could be a revolutionary idea for Spotify especially right now when nostalgia and looking back on good times is super trendy. If this idea was announced to the public, I really think there would be a great response. An idea: you could take advantage of the poll feature on Spotify's twitter account(s) to see what the general public think of this idea there! Spotify community doesn't really get a lot of foot traffic in a sea of popular social media platforms. But most people I know, especially with an active online presence, use Spotify on a daily basis. I hope you consider this feature.


I hope you'll be able to retrieve the playlists we had even way before 2018, and that you disable the "expiration date" feature for those playlists. It's just nice to look back and see how our music taste has evolved over the years. Please please bring it baaaaack. I've been wanting to retrieve those playlists since last year but was unfortunate to have heard that all playlists pre-2018 would be permanently deleted. Plus, you should've informed your users about this because then people would have gotten the chance to retrieve and save those playlists. 


I agree, I remember when I was able to recover my playlists whenever I wanted no matter how much time had passed, so I had been betting on being able to do that, and have been deleting playlists for years thinking they would stay in the recover playlist section of my account, but just today I went back to see my playlists and was heartbroken to see that all of the playlist I stored years worth of songs in were gone. Im very upset and I would greatly appreciate it if that feature was returned. 

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For some reason I was not aware that Spotify once allowed users to recover playlists from more than 90 days! Realizing that I missed the opportunity to see my old playlists from years ago fills me with deep sorrow. As a long time Spotify user, I’d love to see what playlists I created as a teenager. I truly encourage the Spotify team to make this possible again. I’m sure a lot of users would appreciate the option to take a trip down memory lane. 


Love that instead of thinking of ideas for new features we're sat here begging for an old one to be brought back. Above asking you not to delete our old playlists, we're mostly asking that you just don't delete useful features. Especially not from paying customers.