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[Amazon Alexa] Swap Spotify accounts without changing Alexa account

I have a Spotify Family account for myself and my wife


I have an alexa unit in every room, every unit is using MY amazon account as all the lights and home automation can only be setup on one Amazon account


I want to play Spotify in the room i’m in


My wife wants to play her music in a different room


Both myself and my wife also want to use the home automation whilst playing music, eg, turning on the lights


This can be done using Apple music and Amazon music but Spotify require to swap to a different spotify account for the other person


To swap to a different spotify account means changing the Alexa profile of the alexa device and then all the home automation no longer works from that device. 


Please can you allow both myself and my wife to play music in different rooms WITHOUT having to change the Amazon Alexa account


It would be great if I could say ‘Alexa, play spotify from Trevors account’ and my wife could say in a different room, at the same time, ‘Alexa, play spotify from Jackie’s account’ 


This is not a duplicate of other suggestions, I’ve checked and anything close was raised before the ability to swap alexa accounts was implemented. Swapping alexa accounts is only a work around and is not a solution to this problem.


Many people want this feature and your chat team said I should raise it here


Here is a link to the forum, lots of people are leaving spotify because only spotify do not support this feature, you guys need to catch up


From my research it seems there is talk about Spotify only has one concurrent music stream whereas Apple and Amazon music have multiple streams, but please can you improve on this, the thread above was started over 18 months ago, something should be done to improve on this issue


Again, please don’t write this off as a duplicate and do nothing/say it relates to a 3rd party, people still want this feature




Trevor Rowe



Folks, just a quick update on this.

Spotify say this

The Community team talks with various other Spotify teams several times a month about ideas with over 500 votes (our criteria for being a top idea). It’s from these meetings that we apply one of the following statuses to each idea….

This idea has reached over 500 votes so I asked on chat for timescales/what will happen next and was told to keep an eye on this thread.


That really sounded open ended!


As the person on chat could only deal with app and account queries, I was told to also contact the support team to get action on this

So as well as voting for this issue (please continue), 


Spotify need to keep up with Apple and Amazon and fix this issue - with your help we might just get this solved!

Updated on 2021-06-15

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Your suggestion has gathered the votes necessary and your feedback is now reaching the internal teams at Spotify. They're aware of the vote count and popularity of this idea. We'll continue to monitor and check out the comments here, too.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


I have read through most of the posts and responses to this issue, and am totally dismayed at the Spotify response. I like the ideas hub, but an issue (for spotify: which it is) like this should not take 100 votes to be looked at while the thousands of views on posts are indicative of driving many hundreds of customers away from Spotify and stopping many thousands of potential paying customers joining.


People have one house with many rooms, one family with many people and one home automation system with many devices. For Spotify to suggest breaking all of that up, just to allow family sharing within the home is absurd, especially when the other major streaming services all support the desired capability with Alexa’s. Thinking of your paying customers, listening to their needs and providing the capabilities that match their smart homes, is well, smart. There are many traditional cable TV services that are vanishing because of a lack of vision, and understanding of their clients. Time for me is running out for this essential capability.



Update: School holidays have started in Australia, and having a huge conflict in teenagers wanting to play their own music at the same time. I have cancelled my subscription. I may give Spotify another look once the family sharing is fixed, unless the kids say otherwise.


Working at home.constantly with my wife now. Alexa in each room linked to my Amazon account, Spotify family account with her and me on it. Constantly kicking each other off when she uses voice commands due to habit.

It's getting extremely frustrating. I may just cancel.the family plan and she can use amazon music!




Please implement a real solution to this long standing issue, seriously considering dropping the premium payment for another streaming service. So irritatingly unnecessary issue to have in this day and age.


I'm going to be dropping my £14.99 family subscription if this doesn't get resolved soon. The only reason I haven't already jumped ship to Amazon music is because of all my playlists but if Spotify can't get this fixed then I'll have no option but to move on.


I'm so glad I googled this question before I subscribed to Family plan. I wouldn't have thought that even if I pay for 6 accounts it is not possible to listen to different music on our three Echo devices and when my 8 year old decides to listen her music both me and my wife have to listen to silence. Like others explained having a different Amazon account on all Echos is not an option, it's just a ridiculous idea from Spotify.

I'l just stick with Amazon Music.


Like many other who have commented I also have one house, one home automation system, 1 Amazon / Alexa account with several Echo devices, a Spotify Premium account with 5 distinct users, one specifically setup as a generic family user to help get around this issue (sadly it doesn't), a wife and two teenage children who all want to use devices at the same time.

This should not be an issue and it should be easy to resolve with such talented Spotify developers 😉 - please help us.


Currently using Amazon music only because they allow 6 streams on the same account, which is the only reasonable way to handle a household with multiple smart speakers. Will switch back to Spoitfy's otherwise superior service if they come up with a way to have multiple speakers in the same household playing different music with a Family account.

This extends to Tesla cars as well - which can be logged into an account, and if you start playing on there it pauses somewhere else.

A family account should be X streams across all accounts (like Amazon does) not just 6 otherwise normal accounts.


Come on Spotify, not only is this impacting your customers worldwide but surely your own employees have faced this problem themselves trying to use their Spotify Family account across the Amazon Echo ecosystem! You have a superior service, hence why I moved from Amazon Music to Spotify Family, but if you can't resolve this issue I'll have no choice but to return to Amazon so I can enjoy my music when I want to, while the rest of my family can listen to their eclectic choices too. Please prioritize and let us know a reasonable timeline to implement, shouldn't take you too long to create, test and deploy an update! Many thanks from a loyal customer.


Not acceptable for family premium accounts. If this doesn´t get fixed soon i´ll also switch bach to amazon music unlimited. Sorry.


I'd rather stay on Spotify as they have built up some good Auto Playlists for myself. However, we plan to upgrade to a family plan for Christmas and this is a deal breaker as my boys will mainly be using their Echos to listen to music. Apple Music seems to work fine so it looks like I'll have to cancel Spotify and switch.