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[Amazon Alexa] Swap Spotify accounts without changing Alexa account

I have a Spotify Family account for myself and my wife


I have an alexa unit in every room, every unit is using MY amazon account as all the lights and home automation can only be setup on one Amazon account


I want to play Spotify in the room i’m in


My wife wants to play her music in a different room


Both myself and my wife also want to use the home automation whilst playing music, eg, turning on the lights


This can be done using Apple music and Amazon music but Spotify require to swap to a different spotify account for the other person


To swap to a different spotify account means changing the Alexa profile of the alexa device and then all the home automation no longer works from that device. 


Please can you allow both myself and my wife to play music in different rooms WITHOUT having to change the Amazon Alexa account


It would be great if I could say ‘Alexa, play spotify from Trevors account’ and my wife could say in a different room, at the same time, ‘Alexa, play spotify from Jackie’s account’ 


This is not a duplicate of other suggestions, I’ve checked and anything close was raised before the ability to swap alexa accounts was implemented. Swapping alexa accounts is only a work around and is not a solution to this problem.


Many people want this feature and your chat team said I should raise it here


Here is a link to the forum, lots of people are leaving spotify because only spotify do not support this feature, you guys need to catch up


From my research it seems there is talk about Spotify only has one concurrent music stream whereas Apple and Amazon music have multiple streams, but please can you improve on this, the thread above was started over 18 months ago, something should be done to improve on this issue


Again, please don’t write this off as a duplicate and do nothing/say it relates to a 3rd party, people still want this feature




Trevor Rowe



Folks, just a quick update on this.

Spotify say this

The Community team talks with various other Spotify teams several times a month about ideas with over 500 votes (our criteria for being a top idea). It’s from these meetings that we apply one of the following statuses to each idea….

This idea has reached over 500 votes so I asked on chat for timescales/what will happen next and was told to keep an eye on this thread.


That really sounded open ended!


As the person on chat could only deal with app and account queries, I was told to also contact the support team to get action on this

So as well as voting for this issue (please continue), 


Spotify need to keep up with Apple and Amazon and fix this issue - with your help we might just get this solved!

Updated on 2021-06-15

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


Your suggestion has gathered the votes necessary and your feedback is now reaching the internal teams at Spotify. They're aware of the vote count and popularity of this idea. We'll continue to monitor and check out the comments here, too.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


Was so surprised this is an issue.


I cancelled my family plan and asked for refund as was doing it for Christmas but will have to use Apple Music instead.


I had Amazon Music - Family account for one year. Our Family had no Problems listening different music at the same time. It ist simply as that: Amazon Music Family allows to hear music with one account on up to 6 different devices at the same time. What ist the purpose or a benefit splitting it into 6 different sub-accounts? I just do not understand, why Spotify cannot do it the same way as Amazon does. I can imagine that you could simple add another Premium option: where you could use one account which works same as Amazon music. What is the Problem here?

As long this issue is not solved I'm forced to stay with amazon Music.


I absolutely support this idea!

Because you can already store your voice in alexa, it should be possible to connect my voice to my spotify account, so the account selection depends on who starts the music. 


I agree with the concerns all of you have posted and I'm just adding another voice to the chorus. Within one year our family of four went from resisting Echos to now owning 3 Echos! We've been Amazon Prime subscribers for a long time, but Amazon was never our music streaming platform, it was always Spotify. But now, it turns out we like Alexa. Now, we want to easily be able to play X song or Y playlist from "Spotify on NAME account" from Amazon. The four of us have completely different tastes! I came here today to figure out how to sort out the Alexa-SpotifyAccount problem in our house (which others have described so well!), only to learn it cannot be done. Like others have said, separate Amazon accounts is not a workable solution because our main account is connected to lights in our home. Discovering that Amazon allows for this type of flexibility may lead us to drop Spotify Family and choose Amazon Music. We will not drop Amazon Prime/Alexa, so Spotify has a real contender. I like Spotify a lot. I don't want to change to Amazon Music, but it might be the only solution for households/families. Thank you @rowets for articulating the issues so well. I have also upvoted the issue.


It is really unbelievable that this is not possible. Alexa can identify different voices, why not use that for selecting the account? Using the account name would also be a nice alternative...


Spotify said they'd look into posted ideas that had 100+ upvotes and this one definitely does now. Is there anyway to get an update from Spotify if this is something they plan on working on in the future? I would like to know when/if I can return to Spotify. 


I bought like 20 echo dots and we have a family account with 2 adults and 2 kids.  This is essential as music is my life!  I will use whatever service makes this occur. I hope that is Spotify.


I wanted to thank everybody for letting me know that I can do this with either Amazon or Apple Music!  While it's heartbreaking that the thousands of hours I've poured into playlists will need to be replicated, Spotify no longer offers me many compelling reasons to remain a customer.  This issue has become non-negotiable. If Spotify doesn't understand why this is an issue, it needs to setup a smart speaker network in a faux-home environment and simulate how REAL people use the product.


I'll give ya'll till 12/31 to announce this is being done.  There is no good reason to wait and now that I've had a taste of having a full IoT network in my home, it has shown me that Spotify isn't sufficient for my future needs.


This doesn't just apply to Alexa devices but all smart speakers including Google and Sonos. I have Sonos throughout the house and it's infuriating when my wife uses voice control to start music to have it turn off my music in the office. 


I should be made so as long as the total number of streams doesn't exceed the family account limit then one account should be able to stream up to 6 times (You may have a big house with 6 family members each having their own voice activated speak in their room).


I don't understand how they don't address this issue.  It is literally a problem for every single family with more than one amazon device and a family account.  It's absurd.  I'm considering leaving for another music service because of it.  Please fix this ASAP!