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[Amazon Echo] Play multiple Speakers at the same Time

I recently got six(6) of the 2nd gen Amazon Echo Dots and placed them everywhere in my home. And I realized the policy of Spotify that is limiting to only one device to play music at the same time bothers me a lot when I set Spotify as a default music libary. For example, if one of my family members asks one of Echo Dots in his/her room to play music A, then music B on another Echo Dot I'm listening to stops playing.


I know there is Spotify Family Plan but my kids can't join that because they are just young and they don't have any email account yet. And also I don't want to create an account for them yet.


I believe Spotify could make possible to play the same music over multiple Echo Dots under the same network at the same time somehow even while it's not possible to play music on other multiple devices. Maybe by verifying some factors like if it's for Amazon Echo Dots under the same network under the same account.

Updated on 2018-12-06

Hey folks, Spotify staff here.

We wanted to post an update as this idea has reached over 500 votes from our users.


We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience across platforms, but we’re afraid we don’t have any further information to share at the moment.


We typically don't announce integrations with third parties in advance. The best place to keep an eye on is our blog for news updates about any such partnerships.


Thanks for continuing to share your ideas and give us feedback in our Idea Exchange.


Please add that feature soon!


Any word on this? I have the same scenario .. my daughter cant listen to bedtime stories or lulabys at the same time as me listening to music


I hope they support this amazon just incorporated listening to groups on amazon Alexa with iHeartRadio pandora and amazon music why not spotify


I would sign up and even upgrade if Spotify can play everywhere on echo ... so do it Please 


Agree. If Spotify support amazon multiroom the problem is solved. If Spotify choose not too then we will need to subscribe to Amazon Music for this to work correctly. 


Now with Multiroom support this is a very important feature request.


I second this. I don't want to cancel my subscription but will have to unless multi room for Alex is supported. I understand that you can't play it on separate devices. However, when 2+ alexa devices are on the same WiFi network there should be an update to allow multiroom playback from one account.  

I am also awaiting the update as I am currently listenening to Amazon Music when using my Alexa. I'd love to listen to Spotify and all my playlists. 


This is so important and needs to happen soon. It will definitely be a game changer and will probably add premium subscribers to your service if there is multi-room music compatability with Amazon Echo devices. I got excited when I saw the new feature on the Amazon Alexa app, but seriously got let down when it said it wasn't supported for Spotify. Apple Music will most likely follow suite with its HomePod. Step your game up!



That is not actually the same thing as this thread (where it was moved) and leads me to believe you didn't put much thought into this before just "moving" it along. 



Here is my comment that would be on the above link, had you not locked it down:


Actually, that post you are asking for comments on is from 2016 and isn't quite the same. This request was prompted by a new feature on Alexa devices allowing the same exact thing at the same exact time to play on multiple devices in a home.


Your other post is asking for different things being allowed to play on different devices at the same time, and I can actually understand why you do that to prevent subscription abuse.


This new feature allows only the same thing to be playing on all devices. It allows me to walk around my house with 10+ Alexa devices and hear exactly the same thing, in sync.