[Android Auto] Show Podcasts Menu in Android Auto

The podcasts menu available in the library section of the phone app should be accessible also in Android Auto !

This idea is not new, has been requested before - and has 130 votes !! Should not have been closed as inactive !!


plus duplicates

Updated on 2018-09-28

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


It's true. I have also found the podcast menu entry in my library, finally. Thank you Spotify


This is such a no-btainer. I listen to music and podcasts via Android auto in my car. But I can't search or even change podcasts on Android Auto. There's no podcast feature at all. So I've downloaded a podcast app. Can't figure out why Spotify forces a customer to use another product.

It was actually added a few weeks ago

Podcasts aren't available on built in car apps either. How could part of the content I pay for be unreachable on one platform? This is broken, we shouldn't have to ask for it as a "feature" request.

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