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[Android] swipe down current playing song view instead of tapping the arrow

On iOS you can swipe down the view where the currently playing song is shown. I've also tested YT Music, Deezer and Amazon Music apps on Android. All of them implemented the same behaviour. Only Spotify on Android is not able to let the user swipe away the currently palying song view. Instead I have to tap on the arrow on the top left end of the screen. In a world full of gestures and much too large smartphone displays, that is inacceptable!


Updated on 2023-10-13

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This is very intuitive and would improve a lot the user experience.

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Updated on 2019-08-30

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By now the Android version of Spotify should be consistent with the iOS version. It is basic UX design and shouldn't leave any consumer out of features that show more attention towards one platform.


Trying again to get this simple UI feature of swiping down on the Now Playing screen like in iOS. All other major music apps already do this and it's so frustrating that Android users don't have this feature. 

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Updated on 2021-10-05

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Especially on larger devices, it's hard to reach the down arrow in the top left corner of the Now Playing screen. The iOS version has had this feature for ages, why not add it to Android?


It's 2022 and how is this still not a feature? I've used Spotify for years on iOS and invested my money into Spotify stock. How can this very basic UX feature not be implemented yet? Stop wasting resources on shutting this idea down repeatedly. This issue is mainly noticable for the group of people switching from iPhone to Android, a difficult task already. PLEASE just implement this feature already. 


Please add this feature ASAP, team. It should be terribly embarrassing for Spotify to be the only music player in the market that still does not offer this option for Android devices.


I'm really disappointed. How many votes are required for a basic feature to be implemented or even prioritized?

This shouldn't be an issue in the first place, let alone in the most recent 2023 update, and the closure of the case doesn't allow it to reach the "necessary" likes. I'm a really frecuent listener and this is just annoying.

Why leave the very large android community lagging behind on simple features such as this?