[Connect] [Kids] Add Spotify Connect support for Spotify Kids

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When playing music through Spotify Kids, it is not possible to cast the music to a Google Chromecast audio device. This has lead to many conversations revolving around “but why can’t I put my dance party on the stereo”, and so we have to go back to the main Spotify app to get said dance party going and avert the tears 😀And with the kids stuck at home on account of school closures and lockdowns, there are a lot of dance parties happening. And they much prefer the app geared towards them than the regular app. Because the Spotify Connect feature is already implemented in the main Spotify app, it should be implemented also in the Spotify Kids app to have the same connectivity options.

Updated on 2021-06-14

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What the **bleep** is taking so long?


If you won't give us this then can you at least offer us a way to play music without it impacting the algorithm? 


I play a baby sleep playlist for a couple of nights and suddenly Spotify has my suggestions all wrong - it has no idea what I want to listen to... something I rely heavily on given I myself never know what I want to listen to.







Well, doesn't matter for me anyway. I lied on my kids ages so they would be able to sign up with their own accounts in my family plan trial, so they could cast and link to Google Assistant. 


Casting works fine. But when trying to link Google Assistant, it fails on the login since apparently Google is telling them it's a restricted (Family Link) account.


I'm so **bleep** off. Oh well, Spotify. I was going to move here from Deezer because their service is so buggy and slow and janky, but I guess I won't now!


If you manage to add this feature so kid accounts can cast AND link to Google Assistant via Family Link accounts, let me know. 


Any updates on this? It’s been just over 6 months since it got the necessary votes to go to product reviews. We have Sonos for the main areas of the house but have chosen Google Nest speakers for the kids’ rooms. Would LOVE to be able to connect Spotify Kids accounts to them


I agree seems pointless not to have this in both apps otherwise you have to leave your iPad with the children. My 5 yo loves listening to the audio books on Spotify kids but it means one of the iPads needs to stay in here room. The books are not available I. The main app!


Really hopeful this is still in the works. My 5yo daughter asked her Google Home to play Ice (assuming a Frozen song) and it started playing Ice Cube. Really anxious to have a censored version for her! 


Almost a year and still no update?


Can someone from Spotify update us all on this? It's been too long since it apparently got the necessary votes and still no update!?


Hi @Spotify,


Please answer my question at the end with a 'yes' or 'no'.


I was directed by a Spotify person to this thread from another one specific to my problem, and I want clarification on whether this development is going to fix the specific issue I'm having (or whether I should start a new idea):


- We have a Spotify family account, my children are under 13. 

- We use Google family link for their email/Google accounts.

- We use Google Home, with multiple Google speakers around the house.

- When the kids say to their own speaker "Ok Google, play Pink" (or whatever pop song) it plays it from my Spotify account - even through they have their own account through the Spotify family account we're paying for.

- When I try to link their Spotify account to our Google home, Spotify says that they're too young, so it can't work.

- Now my carefully curated Spotify account is full of music I can't stand.

- I'm considering cancelling our Spotify account in favour of another service that works.


Is this going to be fixed?





Narrator: it will not be fixed.


I left Spotify over this issue and ended up back at YouTube Music after stints with Deezer and Pandora. YTM has the least bugs and works with the child accounts just fine (finally... It didn't when it first launched, a huge regression from Google Play Music). I liked several things about Spotify, but YTM is now (finally) good enough for me and my family.

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