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Customizing Spotify (skins)

In such a highly customizeable world, where are the themes for spotify? My google chrome is wood theme and my text messaging app is an 19th century journal. Could spotify match? I think so. 



Life-long user. 

Updated: 2016-03-07

Hey folks, we still don't have plans for customizable Spotify skins within the app. Of course if our designers have an update on this I will post here first. We'll continue letting the designers know this is getting kudos and comments in the Idea Exchange. 


Thank you for for feedback everyone.

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Music Lover

I am not sure how hard this would be to implement since it might involve entirely recreating the UI but I would really appreciate it!

Gig Goer

I think a skinning feature would be rather cool to have in Spotify.

Garage Band

Any skins in the pipeline i sure loved winamp for that reason ...........

Music Lover

Offer a variety of themes for Spotify other then the default grey theme.


You could even offer more themes as a reward system for being a suscriber.


Such as:


1 Month as a Suscriber = New theme


6 Month = New theme


1 Year = New Theme


And so on..


P.S. I would love a clean white theme. 


Also, now that I think about it, having a reward system for being a suscriber for longer periods of time seems like a good idea. I don't know what the rewards could be other then themes, but I'm sure people could think of things.

Garage Band

I would like to be able to change skins in Spotify :robothappy:


Community Legend

Hey im a student from norway and i think if we could change the color as we wish like having the background red and the text yellow or something.. i think that would have been awsome :)


Hello there !


      I have been following spottily for most of your first year, I am a loyal customer. Been paying for all the features. One thing I might be interested on having on both Laptop & Mobile is the Following .


1.  Different Skin designed to choose from .

2.  Able to re-arrange my playlist by alphabetical order.

3.  Able to have a chat window with community friends.]

4. Finally create a Club on Facebook that we can all add to meet new people.


Hope you take this ideas to consideration, I will continue to support you program.

   Since I love music so much.


                                                                                   Member: Geoone84


It would be a great addition to add a skin of the spotify on the desktop, that way you could minimize the full screen, put on a playlist and not have it take up your entire monitor.  I realize you can minimize it to go away, but you have to open it back up if you want to skip a couple of songs.  Otherwise, can't get enough of Spotify.  Both my wife and I have the Premium subscription and we love it.  Keep it up.  


I 100% agree with "Different Skin designed to choose from". As a loyal iTunes user, I'm considering making the switch, but I'm finding the transition to an all-black user interface too jarring. I wish there were a lighter gray skin.