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[Daily Mix] Customization: Create / Remove / Add / Merge Mixes

Daily Mixes is one of the best additions to Spotify yet, but as all new features it has room for a lot of improvement, especially when it comes to customizing your mixes. Right now mixes are enterily dependent on algorithms, however I think users should have a degree of personal input on how mixes are built. For example, it would be great if users could select a couple of songs and then have Spotify create a mix based on those songs. It would also be great if users could remove a mix and replace it with another, or merge different mixes into one. For example, Spotify created two different EDM mixes for me, one based on house music, and another based on tech house tracks. I find that a little redundant and I would like to merge both mixes into one. There's also another mix which is a weird combination of ambient, IDM, downtempo and indie rock tracks (?). I would like to split that mix in two, one for indie rock and another for IDM, downtempo and ambient music. And then there's a pop/R&B mix which I'd like to replace entirely with a jazz music mix, since I don't listen to that much mainstream pop and R&B music in the first place.


Expanding the number of daily mixes to 8 would be great as well, since 6 mixes doesn't quite cover the variety of music I tend to listen to. Finally, being able to add back to mixes songs or artists that you banned on accident is a must.

Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


You can create your own generated mixes by selecting Radio on any track, album or song you like - which will generate a playlist of similar songs. As mentioned in the idea, you could make a playlist of a couple of songs and then select 'Radio' by clicking the three dots to make your own funky mix. 


We have no further information on removing unwanted Daily Mixes, but we'll keep this idea open and keep you posted of any news here. 




Please enable this im tired of the daily mixes suggested to me


I second "Finally, being able to add back to mixes songs or artists that you banned on accident is a must." 


In general the user should be able to twist & change/adapt the different mixes to adapt to your own preferences. Requested improvements:
- delete mix and create new one
- merge two mixes
- add artist to existing mix
- define variation of songs/artists in each Mix for example by the use of a slider (0-100%) or modes Restricted/Discover/Adventurous
- Choose own image
- "Lock" a specific Mix to avoid Spotify removing or changing it when the mixes are re-shuffled and distributed again.

It would also be useful if Spotify in their strategy forward distinguish clearer between Radio stations (based on a playlist) and Daily Mix). If the main target for Daily Mix is users that do not want to spend time on their music other than push play and listen then the Radio functionality should be further developed.




I very much agree with this.  I have six Daily Mixes, but none of them include any reggae nor Grateful Dead, which I listen to very often.  Its like Daily Mix is just avoiding certain things I listen to.  Would love to start over.


I had posted a similar idea that was marked "duplicate", and suggested I move it here for inclusion with your idea.


I would like to be able to give songs a thumbs up or thumbs down when I'm listening to a playlist or station. The purpose would be for Spotify to remember and use it to inform my Daily Mixes or recommendations when I'm looking for new music to listen to.


Right now the heart radial puts the song in my library. I don't actually want it in my library. I just want Spotify to know I liked the song.  Same with the remove function on the daily mixes - I may not like that one song, but I may like others by that artist or in that genre. I want Spotify to tighten up the recommendations for stations and daily mixes - which I use ALL the TIME!

I was just about to come on here and post a similar comment. First, you should be able to unlike something that you have already liked on a playlist. My fat from thumbs have made that mistake before.

Second, when I like something in a daily mix it's to inform the daily mix's algorithm. I do not want to add it to my library. I use my library for a very specific purpose, and it is not at all helpful to have a bunch of albums show up in there because I liked a single song on a daily mix.

So I guess the daily mixes get completey refreshed well daily! Just seems that a lot of tracks are still there from last week...


Remove daily mixes 3,4,5,6 none of these are my interest seeing this makes me want to not go to my daily mixes its getting annoying. These were clearly not made for me all but daily mixes 1 and 2.


I'm having the same problem. I hate two and really dislike another two of my daily mixes. 😞

I kept removing every song that came up in the daily mix and also all music from the artists in this mix. I kept doing this until nothing appeared on the daily mix. After several months of doing this, one day I noticed that the mix was gone. I was very happy that it disappeared. I hope it doesn't come back.