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[Daily Mix] Customization: Create / Remove / Add / Merge Mixes

Daily Mixes is one of the best additions to Spotify yet, but as all new features it has room for a lot of improvement, especially when it comes to customizing your mixes. Right now mixes are enterily dependent on algorithms, however I think users should have a degree of personal input on how mixes are built. For example, it would be great if users could select a couple of songs and then have Spotify create a mix based on those songs. It would also be great if users could remove a mix and replace it with another, or merge different mixes into one. For example, Spotify created two different EDM mixes for me, one based on house music, and another based on tech house tracks. I find that a little redundant and I would like to merge both mixes into one. There's also another mix which is a weird combination of ambient, IDM, downtempo and indie rock tracks (?). I would like to split that mix in two, one for indie rock and another for IDM, downtempo and ambient music. And then there's a pop/R&B mix which I'd like to replace entirely with a jazz music mix, since I don't listen to that much mainstream pop and R&B music in the first place.


Expanding the number of daily mixes to 8 would be great as well, since 6 mixes doesn't quite cover the variety of music I tend to listen to. Finally, being able to add back to mixes songs or artists that you banned on accident is a must.

Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


You can create your own generated mixes by selecting Radio on any track, album or song you like - which will generate a playlist of similar songs. As mentioned in the idea, you could make a playlist of a couple of songs and then select 'Radio' by clicking the three dots to make your own funky mix. 


We have no further information on removing unwanted Daily Mixes, but we'll keep this idea open and keep you posted of any news here. 




I tried this:

"No worries, you can tap while it plays so it won’t crop up in your mix again. You’ll also get the option to remove all songs by that artist"


I just got more Disney and Musicals. It's like you don't even know me Spotify... On iPhone it just have me errors when trying to "Dislike". Totally not sold on the Daily Mix feature.


It's a real pain and a long process to get rid of all the songs. Spotify will keep adding songs and artists until you delete them all. I found it better to delete artists when you can, then you can get rid of a whole bunch of songs at once.

I really like the ideas of daily playlists, but I think we need to have the freedom to delete one, because Spotify populated one of my playlists with music i dont listen to. It's too hard to go through the entire playlist removing songs, instead, would be nice if you could delete and and then pick a song/existing playlist and have Spotify populate a daily from that. 


I love the mixes, but right now they regionalize your taste—I'd like to be able to drag them into each other to create a collective mix of various genres. 


yes! and, there should also be an option to combine them all, as sometimes i need a big mix 😉


I think deleating of mixtapes would be a good start. I have the impression, allmost everybody has one mixtape music, he absolutly dosn't need or want.


generating with some guidelines or song inputs would be the second step.

some parameters could be genre 1, genre 2, genre proportions, genre width (include related genres).


The Possibility to change/customize this on existing Mixtapes would make the last points redundant.


Merging and splitting would be nice but not as groundbreaking as the first.



A request has been raised here to be able to listen to a random selection from the different daily playlists. It's been closed as a duplicate of this. This doesn't mention that idea and has other things in it that are the exact opposite i.e. increasing rather than decreasing the number of mixes and allowing more manual rather than more automated generation. Please reconsider the idea that has been closed as a duplicate.

How do I get the daily playlist to my account?



I agree that there should be a way to edit/delete the daily mixes and turn them off completely.  I have one that popped up last week that I have no idea where it came from.  It is quite annoying to have - especially when I tell my Google Home to play spotify and, now, it ALWAYS defaults to this horrid daily mix.  

any progress on this?