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[Daily Mix] Customization: Create / Remove / Add / Merge Mixes

Daily Mixes is one of the best additions to Spotify yet, but as all new features it has room for a lot of improvement, especially when it comes to customizing your mixes. Right now mixes are enterily dependent on algorithms, however I think users should have a degree of personal input on how mixes are built. For example, it would be great if users could select a couple of songs and then have Spotify create a mix based on those songs. It would also be great if users could remove a mix and replace it with another, or merge different mixes into one. For example, Spotify created two different EDM mixes for me, one based on house music, and another based on tech house tracks. I find that a little redundant and I would like to merge both mixes into one. There's also another mix which is a weird combination of ambient, IDM, downtempo and indie rock tracks (?). I would like to split that mix in two, one for indie rock and another for IDM, downtempo and ambient music. And then there's a pop/R&B mix which I'd like to replace entirely with a jazz music mix, since I don't listen to that much mainstream pop and R&B music in the first place.


Expanding the number of daily mixes to 8 would be great as well, since 6 mixes doesn't quite cover the variety of music I tend to listen to. Finally, being able to add back to mixes songs or artists that you banned on accident is a must.

Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


You can create your own generated mixes by selecting Radio on any track, album or song you like - which will generate a playlist of similar songs. As mentioned in the idea, you could make a playlist of a couple of songs and then select 'Radio' by clicking the three dots to make your own funky mix. 


We have no further information on removing unwanted Daily Mixes, but we'll keep this idea open and keep you posted of any news here. 




 Yes, I agree. Very important over time as music taste shifts. The daily mix is great at reducing the need to make new playlists, but not if it's stuck in last year's hits!


Do any one of you feel quality of Spotify Daily Mixes suck?  It is demanding extreme patience to improve quality of these daily mixes.  Currently of all the 6 suggested daily mixes, I have to go into each one of the mixes and say I don't like 80% of the suggestions it came up with.  It is frustrating.  I would expect it would suggest 80% of the songs that I would like rather than dislike.  This feature has a long way to go.  It is even more frustrating it doesn't even let us dislike the entire daily mix or group dislike most of the songs in one-shot.


I agree with @york707 comment.  Quality of Spotify daily mixes have to improve tremendously.  Please see my comment above regarding the same.


is there a way to get back the songs and artists that i dislike(removed) by mistake in my daily mix?


This option would make Spotify the number one music app for me. Music tastes change all the time, and the daily mixes help that evolution, but the mixes themselves only evolve so far. The option to change or simply delete mixes would be amazing. Or even just over time certain mixes that are not played go away. Either way this I feel is a MUST.


This is a great idea. I listened to a few songs from a certain type of music and now I'm stuck with a daily mix I don't like. I also don't like the fact that once you delete a song or artist from a daily mix you can't change you mind and bring them back. There definitely should be some type of reset feature for the daily mix. The lack of these features would be a reason to look at other music services.


This should have been a feature when they rolled out daily mixes. Three of my mixes are music I don't listen to. 


I let my daughter use my account & set up a playlist, now I have 2 Daily mixes with her **bleep** music on it. I have since upgraded to the Premium family in hope these mixes would go away, but no such like. Can someone (Spotify) help me to remove these **bleep** mixes from my account!!


I love the idea of the daily mixes, but right now Spotify has made 3 separate ones for me. I like a lot of variety and would like to just have one combined mix. Similar to Pandora, where you can "shuffle" all of your created stations. I thought the "Liked from Radio" playlist radio would do what I am wanting, but it doesn't work quite right (it tends to play only what I have already liked). And my weekly discovery plays too much that I don't like. If I could just shuffle all 3 of my daily mixes it would be perfect.

Here is a reply I got from Spotify.
I deleted all the artists from the mix, but the Daily mix is still there with nothing in it. I wanted the whole thing gone. I didn't want the mix in the first place. Just because I listened to a few rap songs I got stuck with the mix.

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch. We understand you want to delete your Daily Mix. No worries, we'll be happy to clear things up.

Currently, we don't have a way to delete a Daily Mix playlist. Daily Mix evolves gradually with your listening, but a particular mix will display a fresh queue of tracks within a day of when you last listened to it. See Improve it above to see how you can help fine tune it.

The feature analyses your music listening history and creates 1-6 mixes depending on the amount and diversity of your listening. Keep listening and exploring as much as possible to give your mixes more meat.

No worries, you can tap while it plays so it won’t crop up in your mix again. You’ll also get the option to remove all songs by that artist from your mixes.

If you have any other questions, just get back to us and we'll help you out.

All the best,