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[Desktop] An option to disable automatic updates

Some of us are tired of having these terrible updates forced upon us on desktop. Having the option to use older versions of the software without being forced to update would be extremely useful.

Updated on 2022-06-24

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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Status changed to: New Suggestion

Updated on 2021-05-21

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Yes for the love of god allow us to skip updates unless you really need to implement something that would break older clients.


The client was perfect at one point.

We could nuke artists we didn't want to hear anymore in radio playlists.

The artist page was superior to what we have now.

Then there was an update that had so much white it burned your retinas at night which thankfully got reverted.


I know there's a workaround to prevent auto updating but just let us toggle it.

I don't even mind if I'm missing out on some spectacular new feature I don't even need in a music player.

If the client can stream music in good quality without hiccups and has a good "Play similar stuff" feature with the option to nuke artists you never want to hear it's done. There's no need for further development.

Get your devs some pizza and let them play fuzzball all day.



Please yes this is the most obnoxious and by far the least liked update. Me and my friends all have made comments about how it is objectively a worse experience then the previous update is. I am seriously frustrated by this update as the functionality has either decreased or changed. I would much prefer the classic design and am VERY ANGRY that the workaround ui.experience_override="classic" was changed to now no longer work as EVERY ANGRY user that disliked the update was still able to be at peace. Spotify metaphorically kicked a hornets nest and then went on to poke a bear. Please give options for how we set up our own Spotify. I listen to music and would much prefer the space my friends take up to be used for showing more music.


This works in theory, but eventually client-server communication models change and your outdated version breaks. Backwards compatibility is never a guaranteed for SaaS products.




This damn forum has more options than the music player we pay for. Absolute Disgrace.


Good idea.

In general I recommend everyone to download software only from the Microsoft Store. Through the store its possible to stop the epidemic of these frequent updates of the apps. It can also be done on software that you have downloaded through the web but it is complicated and varies between the various softwares.

I do not just call it an epidemic. I say this with great sorrow, because in the last 1.5 years there is almost no app/software/anything that it's own updates do not destroy it more and more.


While I realise this is a time and resource consuming feature, after the last horrible update not being addressed in over 2 months, I'd rather ride an old version of the app until it literally doesn't work anymore and I have to be forced to update to be able to listen to music.


The latest UI update makes it so hard to find anything i want to hear.  I'm bombarded with garbage that i don't want to sort through.  Canceled my premium sub, looking for an alternative but nothing else seems any better.  Its pretty terrible that spotify raced to the bottom the get back down to the rest of the pack.


This new update was a disgrace! Can't even sort my playlist songs on alphabetical order anymore. There's NOTHING good about this update. Fix it immediately or give the old UI back!