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[Desktop][Other] Update the Spotify app icon for macOS Big Sur

As a lot of new macOS Big Sur users noticed, the general system UI changed, and an important aspect is the various app icons. All the Apple apps icons have been updated to match the new rounded square type icons that seems to be the new trend, and several third-party apps already did it.


The amazing Spotify Community already shared multiple ideas of really stunning logos that look pretty sick :

- u/CyDave

- Anmol Govinda Rao


It would be great if Spotify updated its logo to match the general macOS Big Sur design



Updated on 2021-06-15

Hey everyone,


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Updated on 2020-11-17

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Please use the first logo on the left. Looks so neat!


First logo on the left 👍


I hate this idea. Please don't do the green one, at least. It'll look exactly like so many other app icons I already have, like the iMessage app and the Facetime app. I personally love that Spotify's app icon is circular and not square. It helps me easily identify it and access it.


Not to attack the TS, but I don't like the 'new' icon style in Big Sur. They look like those cheap fake 3D icons from about 10 years ago. Since Jon Ive left the ship they have completely lost their way.


The left icon is best, green on black


I agree, please do update and bring some new styling to Spotify (and I don't just mean the icon)


This is actually required under Apple's shtick that says what attributes Apple desktop app icons (.icns, I think?) must have. In the case of MacOS 11 Big Sur, that would be:

  • Rounded Square shape (or similar. See here)
  • Realistic-looking objects
  • Depth

...None of which the current Spotify Apple icon has. If you don't change it soon, Apple has full rights to block you from their Operating System. Just like they did with Fortnite (not that I'm complaining). So do this. It is required of you under Apple's terms, which (I'm fairly sure) you agreed to when you made an Apple desktop app.


it's almost 2021 and icon update has not yet been out. 


spotify app for mac needs complete update and redesign. banding gradients, ui bugs, and old icon. apple music app developed using native ui components works better, than your crossplatform solution. yes, it's cheaper, but quality is worse than native development.


The gradients are inconsistent with Spotify’s branding so that is a no, but updating the icon to reflect macOS’s recommended style guide would be nice. Right now, it is the only icon that is still a big circle among the rest of my updated apps in my dock / menu bar.