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Desktop skins/visualizers- like old Windows Media Player

I was listening to an album on the old version of Media Player and it reminded me of a forgotten era of UI design. The psychedelic graphic visualizers that played during songs were always so fun to look at, it's kind of embarrassing but sometimes I'd just stare at them for the duration of the album. The same thing goes for skins, a big part of the appeal of that old era was the customizability. It would be fun to just browse and download random skins from the internet, my favorite being the freaky floating green head one. I think this level of personalization and fun should really come back.


I completely agree!! I truly miss how customizable UI design used to be. Things like tumblr or myspace accounts designs were truly a forgotten art. Having to learn HTML to get cool account designs was definitely a pain but the look it gave always brought satisfaction. I loved looking for skins for my Media Player and I definitely agree that this level of personalization should make a comeback! 


This one hit right in the nostalgia... a visualiser for the TV app would be so fresh.


Love the vintage nostalgia!