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Eternal Song (Never Ends)

So in Spotify you have a toggle cycle of: Loop, Loop-One, Loop-All. 
I am proposing to include another: Loop-Eternal

The Eternal loop would be where using AI technology, the song feels like it goes on for hours, rather than a standard loop where it stops and restarts, this Eternal loop means, it mathematically finds a place in the song where it can loop from as it approaches the too near to the end. 

So for example, the song is nearing the end of the bridge, it could find the chorus or start a second verse, randomly choosing to play, Chorus, Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Verse, Bridge, Chorus, etc. 

This feature would change the music industry and Spotify would gain more traction than you have ever dreamed. This can very easily be marketed.

Please comment for clarity, don't close this idea.