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Folder Feature - Cover Image

Hey Spotify! Ever since I noticed the new "folder" feature, I have been using it very avidly. However, being a frequent playlist creator and user, I tend to theme my playlists and add a cover image (as many people do). I want to suggest adding a feature to "folders" where users can add images to their playlist folders! Seeing the bland, gray folder image throws off the creativity and charm of how uniquely playlists are made, and I feel that users would definitely be appreciative of being able to upload their own images to the cover of their folders. Please consider!

Thank you 🙂



Absolutely. This!!


This is much needed. I would love to see it added.


When I am scrolling through my playlist folders, a custom icon would help me differentiate them more easily.


What a world that would be!


Now imagine if you could then use those custom folders on your public profile... users around the world would sing and rejoice.