[Following] Separate Artists and Friends

There should be a option to see a full list of who you are following as well as an option to see just the Artists you follow as well as just your friends who you follow. Throwing them best into one list isnt really helpful

Updated on 2017-05-17

Hey everyone. We know you haven't heard from us in a while about separating your Artists and Friends in the Following section. Please know that we are still considering this idea and it hasn't been forgotten. Keep an eye here for any updates, thanks!

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This is a good idea and is what I was thinking as well, but I'd like to sort it even more.  It would be great to be able to sort who you follow however you like.  


Maybe there is a way to put those people you follow into different "playlists" or groups.  I'd make one for my friends and one for artists.  But I also follow different brands and record labels as well and don't want to group them into my artists.


I follow a lot of people for my blog and need a way to keep them separtate.


blog: www.spotifycelebrityplaylists.com


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Take my Kudos for this idea! :)

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Kudoing this. Following artists has a completely different purpose than following users and I don't know what they were thinking when they mashed these two together.


I agree good idea.


This is really needed.  The follow count should show this as well. How many artists vs friends you follow.

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I really don't understand how anyone would think it was a good idea to mix artists and friends in the same list. These are totally different things. I want a list of my favorite artists. This should actually be a pretty basic feature for a service like Spotify.

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We are waiting Spotify.


this should be available on the sidebar directly! just add an artists button there.


and make this list available in offline mode on android too. i want to see all the album covers and titles of my favorite artists - even when in offline mode and when they are not downloaded. and then i would like to be able to download everything from one artist or to download each album seperately for offline use.


thanks very much for implementing this fast!


at the moment i use playlists with everything from one artist, but this is quite unpractical, because you cannot even see where one albums ends and the next starts - at least not in the android version.