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Locking accessibility behind a paywall

I can't believe that spotify has locked lyrics behind a premium paywall. How ridiculous, knowing the words to a song is not a "premium feature". As somebody who is essentially deaf I find it extremely effed up to lock a feature that  I literally NEED to enjoy a song.


Agree. Hard of hearing myself - I can't usually make out the lyrics. Being able to read them makes the songs much more meaningful.


It's ableist. My DHH daughter is shattered about it 


Already posted on another idea about the same thing. As someone hard of hearing, I hate not being able to sing along to my favorite songs because I cant see what they're saying. I think, if anything, this will make less people pay for premium because they will just want to turn to other sources. Bad idea, Spotify.


They've been doing this with other basic features, too. Being able to select a song on your own and what order, skipping around, looping, and many others are locked behind the Premium paywall on mobile when they're quite literally STANDARD FEATURES.