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[Mobile] Create & manage Playlist Folders

It would be nice to be able to better organize playlists in folders on the mobile apps.  Or at the very least, specify which folder a playlist should go in when it is first created.  Right now, in iOS, any playlists that I create are just added to the main list, without giving the option to put them in a folder, and it is not possible to move playlists to/from folders.  I'm assuming this will be the same on Android when it is implemented.

Updated on 2019-10-29

Hey folks,
We really appreciate so many of you coming to the Community, adding your votes and comments to this idea!
For now we'll be keeping this idea at 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
Thanks .

Please please please!

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There are 61 kudos !!!


Totally agree with this.


One of the things I enjoy about spotify the most is making and editing playlists or mixtapes as I call em lol.


It's a major pain in the ass when for example im in the car with other people and don't necessarily want 'Slayer' on next, so my only option is to completely remove it and readd it to the bottom, rather than simply drag it up a few songs.


Also, renaming..... I mean WTF?! I pay a tenner a month, that is a ridiculously basic function. Come on....


I'm considering trying rhapsody. Keep yourself a loyal customer Spotify...

Agree with previous comments. You used to be able to do this and it puzzles me that the development team omitted the procedure in the iOS 7 update. I feel a bit let down if I'm honest, especially as I'm a premium user. Happy New Year!

hI agree with this post and i also want the ability to play all th

e songs in a given folder on mobile as in desktop version.

Ditto for Android app!
Hack: When inside an album select "Add to playlist". When your root folder of playlists appear hit the plus sign at top right of the screen. Copy the title of the album by selecting the text and copying it. Cancel the dialog by hitting the back button. Find the folder you want the album in and select it. Hit edit (top right) and then the plus sign (top left). Paste the title of the album into the new playlist dialog and hit create. Hit the new empty but correctly named playlist to add the album tracks to it. You still have to make the folders on your desktop though.

This is a major issue for me with spotify.

Music fans like albums and spotify makes it very difficult to feel like you have albums.

The web app and mobile versions AND Virgin Medai TiVo version  don't allow you to organise music properly, into folders.


Whilst you can do the organisation on the desktop, I don't actually listen to music on my computer.  I really would prefer the web app to be able to add music and organise through the use of folders 


TBH Google play music implement the organisation much much better - at present I have no way to use it through my Hifi so I'm stuck with Spotify whose infrastructure is great but whose user interface is just not very good across all platforms

Yup! I use the mobile app 99.9% of the time. Let's add better playlist organization. It's out of control.

Couldn't agree more.  Especially as many of us (myself included) have ditched desktop/laptops in favor of phone, tablet, chromebook, leaving us with no interface that allows playlist organization.