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[Mobile] Option to customize Your Daily Drive

Just got a playlist called "Your Daily Drive". So far, it's great because it mixes in news-like podcast snippets inbetween suggested songs.


However, it'd be great to mark a podcast as 'do not play again' or 'dislike' so it doesn't show up or similar podcasts don't appear. 


It would also like to love/like songs that appear, as well as the ability to complete skip a podcast if its something I'm less interested in. Podcast runs similar to normal podcast, but I feel that this is a different experience (and a catered one), we should have more freedom to skip/like/love/dislike to make this experience improve over time.


Thank you!

Updated on 2019-07-12

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange!


We've marked this as a new idea--we've also updated the title to clarify what you're requesting for other users.

Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.


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I have the same music every day, same songs, same same same....

Boring. please shuffle the daily drive music .... the podcast change and that is great, daily change for podcasts and news... please do the same with music.

With daily Drive you are doing the same as lazy networks that uses the same music all the time. I have many playlists and liked lot of music.



I'm just here to filter out NewsCorpse content.


Yes this needs to happen.  No idea why you wont let us customize it.  If I have to hear those Snack guys podcast opening again Ill discontinue the playlist.


Another huge vote for this. Love the idea but it’s the same stuff everyday would love to listen to podcast I choose 



Completely agree, love the idea but can't stand The Smart 7 podcast!!!


Same issue as others have with sports podcasts. I get crime podcasts and there is no way I can stop that. 
I genuinely hate crime podcasts and I end up just turning off Spotify because it annoys me.


As a listener I would like to be able to mark a suggested artist or source in todays list as "don't suggest again" to prevent getting the same source in my daily list again.


Shouldn't this be marked for "all platforms"?


I for one occasionally listen to my "daily drive" at my desktop, especially in these work-from-home times.


My main issue is I get sport podcast and I have no interest in football, I’d love to be able to swap it or remove it. I also think that Spotify’s AI should be used to recommend and introduce new songs to me in my daily drive rather than it just being songs that I’ve cultivated


Agree with so much of what has been written here - Daily Drive is a nice idea (mixture of daily news, short podcasts + tunes), but needs to be smarter. I don't ever want to listen to talkSPORT, and I'd like a more diverse selection of music. Cheers!


Please allow for us to customize our daily drive. It'd be great for us to select genres is we want, select certain podcasts to be rotated in vs others, mark songs we don't like etc.


Also - we could even have various "daily drives" which we like or in the mood for. Maybe I want music and sports today, but tomorrow I want music and news only.


Team - please look into this. This could be accomplished on a 30 day sprint.