[Desktop] IPv6 support for the desktop client

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It would be highly desirable to make sure that the desktop client can work on Ipv6-only networks as they are becoming operation reality (a number of large entrerprise networks like Cisco and Microsoft have piloted IPv6-only corporate networks).


As it's been mentioned in the previosuly posted incarnations of this idea, the mobile client works just fine and Fastly supports IPv6.



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Updated on 2019-06-18

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


My colleague cancelled his subscription because of the lack of ipv6 support of the (linux) desktop client. I'm thinking about it. IPv6 is here and very relevant. 


I voted for this and as an IT professional I'd like to fully support this. But I'm wondering what kind of insanity major plumbing work like this will cause, in terms of removal of my favorite random features. Because not all Spotify APIs or microservices can support v6 clients or for whatever reason.


What's next to go? Last.fm support? Searching for Facebook friends to follow? Collaborative playlists? Showing unavailable tracks in playlists?


"Fun and exciting", like how the miserable 2015 revamp of the desktop client to Chromium wrapped garbage removed the audio volume normalization toggle for a while, caused truncation of play history for JS performance reasons, or how you no longer could change active playlists by right clicking on one in the list.