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[Your Library] Automatically follow artists whose songs are saved

I went to go to my artists tab on spotify to find ideas for what to listen to today, but it's been utterly butchered with the new update. Now, you have to follow artists individually instead of being able to see the artists of all your liked songs. This is a regressive change, and very inconvenient. I can still go to my own likes songs and sort by artist there to get a list of all my artists, but that's really inconvenient cause I have to scroll through all of the songs by one artist in order to get to the next one. Plus, if I wanna play just my liked songs by an artist, I have to type in the artist's name in my liked songs playlist instead of just going to my artist library and tapping on that artist.  please fix this.

Updated on 2019-12-03

Hi everyone.

We're not planning any changes at the moment, but please keep leaving your Likes and we'll come back if we have news.


That listing of ONLY LIKED songs in Albums and Artists was the biggest reason I did not switched back to Google Music. It simplyfied whole manner of music preference. Searching in that not declattered list of liked songs is really painful. Ability to sort such massive list does not help at all. Please add ability to show only liked songs in library. That's maybe one toggle button in UI.


I agree completely.  My main path to listening to music is to go to my artist page, find and click on an artist and then see the songs that I have saved from that artist only.  Being directed the artist profile pages is really broken.  The previous functional where we see only the songs we have saved with a link to the profile page is a much better experience.  This change was poorly considered, every person in my family has complained about it and I can't see any argument for how this is an improvment for anyone.


Just noticed this today and thought that maybe there's something wrong with my Spotify. Well, it can be argued that there is indeed something wrong, but not something that could be easily fixed 😞

I hope they bring the old artist library back!


Yes please give me back my artist library in alphabetical order!!! I hate the new interface!!!


Agreed. It's like the last update was specifically designed to make it harder to use. They did a bad job.


If they don’t bring back artist menu alphabetically I’m switching to Apple Music. Total deal breaker.


it's back on Android ! Artist list in Library contains only liked songs 🙂


I totally agree to this post. I don‘t know who is testing UI changes at Spotify but I think they all have to be algorithms and not humans. Because this place is the only place where humans send feedback but no one listens to them. I’m not even sure if Spotify still has humans in their leaderboard…


Thumbs up and down on radio stations ; basically cancel your subscription and switch to Pandora since they're just going to rip them off.


yes. that messing up with UI and philosophy of music preference in app is really strange.  it's too far from being simple, clear, and user friendly. after all that time it's still not stable in that regard. It seems to me as they are trying not to copy UI of other providers but that still leads to bigger and bigger mud. simple THUMBS UP / THUMBS DOWN to every listened song along with option to choose what songs should be displayed in library (THUMBS UP / ALL) would do the job