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[Mobile][Playlists] Reinstate “Last Updated” on playlists

As from version 8.5.46 on IOS, you can no longer swipe left to find out when a playlist was last updated.


Can this feature be reinstated as it’s really quick useful way to check large playlists and when they were last updated.

Updated on 2021-07-01

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Yes, please it is so useful Spotify!


Yes please!

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Updated on 2020-03-03

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The fact that we have to submit a "new idea" for a feature that we've had from the beginning all the way up until a week ago is nauseating.


Exactly! Why are they taking away a pretty basic and useful function and then making us submit it like some brand new new fangled idea? Just fix the error that someone made not including it in the new layout, or change the layout back 


I also need this back since it makes it so much easier to know when you can expect new music from a playlist again and to find out if a playlist gets updated regularly when you’re looking for a new playlist. I don‘t care where you put it (behind the three dots, at the bottom, wherever), just bring it back, please! 🙏 


This (Date of last update to playlist) is  extremely useful information to have.   Not certain why it was removed.    Please bring it bacj


I also miss this feature. It was useful to see when a playlist was updated. On desktop you can see the date column when songs were last added, but you can't see this on mobile so the updated date was very helpful.


Are we any closer to getting this feature added back?


I concur. This was very useful. I don’t follow a lot of playlists other than my own. So knowing when they were last updated so I know whether to even bother checking the playlist out or not, would be very helpful again. The new design looks great and all. But make the changes along with keeping vital things like this available. Thank you.