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[Mobile] Rearrange Playlists on Mobile

Please include an option for users to manually rearrange playlists on mobile. 

See attached picture for more details.



Updated on 2021-06-07

Hey everyone,


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Okay I have a weird one - this problem is why I want this "move playlisys in library" ability on the phone app (which I use more often). I have like 70 playlists in my library. I DO go on the desktop to put them in my custom order. That was fine. Until down the list to about playludt #40. It goes "Life of Agony", "LCD Soundsysyem", "Man Man" in my list... whatever is in the LCD Soundsystem # spot always appears as the first playlist in my phone custom library. So annoying. So right now LCD is on top.. if I make a new folder above it, it will be Life if Agony... So I take my main folder ("Brian's songs") and put it down there in that spot to fix it on phone (so it's on top) but then when I do listen on PC it's the 40th folder down. Can't win! But ability to move  playlists would probably solve this? It's so weird.


i think it would be very helpful to be able to organize playlists manually by holding down the playlist and moving it up or down. kind of like how you would move apps on a phone. bc i want to have certain playlists, or other playlists i have liked, grouped together. or maybe making folders for our playlists would be cool? like for some it might be labeled a mood and would have all the playlists related to that mood under it. or some people might want to separate their playlists made by the year. “playlists of 2020” “playlists of 2021” etc. anyways i just thought this would be nice 🙂


Is this still active?

cause I could’ve swore that they didn’t allow for us to change playlist cover and it was only available on desktop only version, but now it’s here?

so why not a click and drag fix to this?

edit button on the way you view the lists? It kind of defeats the purpose of having custom order viewed on mobile app, but once you make a new playlist it automatically put it on top of your other playlists??

i’m using my phone most of the time, unless I’m near my desktop I won’t be rearranging things compared to when I first create them, same thing falls under editing playlist or rearranging them when you do so!!

im asking sincerely for this!  It should be a no brainer to implant already made designs in on both ends of Spotify. Why only make certain things in one place but not the other?

surly traffic isn’t effected by that, is it?


You'd think this would have been implemented already, since this request has been circulating for years, and last year finally got "enough votes" for the internal Spotify team to hear about it (whatever that means).  It's one of the most requested features, and one of the most frustrating missing features on the mobile app. The programming isn't difficult; they obviously don't care, or else this would have been done a couple years ago.


I wish it was possible to move saved and my own playlists freely in my library. Instead of it being alphabetic or last played.


I’d like to customize the order of my playlist on the app, not the individual songs on the playlist but the playlists themselves.


You can always customize the order on the desktop app. 


Agreed, either they should add a way to have a fully custom library order, or  they should allow for unlimited pins 


Yes Spotify please implement this feature. It's a small one but would make a massive difference. Cheers 👍🏻 


Pleeeeeeease introduce this functionality - it doesn’t make any sense to me why you can perform this action in the app and it’s super frustrating. It means I have to periodically log into my laptop to tidy up my playlists. Why?!!


How can you provide an omnichannel experience when some of your digital products don’t even do the basics, like allow re-ordering, forcing users to rely on multiple channels to enjoy a basic experience? Doesn’t reflect well on what you prioritise from a UX perspective.